Top Lord Rama Names For Baby Boy In 2023!

Lord Rama Names For Baby Boy

If you’re looking for lord Rama names for baby boy, you have clicked on the right site! we bring to you a list of the top names for baby boys that have associations with lord Rama! Source

About Rama The Emperor

Ram Navami

Lord Rama, a revered figure in Hinduism, is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The protagonist of the epic Ramayana, embodies righteousness, compassion, and unwavering devotion to duty.

His journey, exile, and triumphant rescue of his wife, Sita, from the demon king Ravana, exemplify virtue, loyalty, and the triumph of good over evil. Rama’s life serves as a beacon of inspiration and moral guidance. Source

Lord Rama Names For Baby Boys

Ram Lakshman Sita

  • Adbhutarama: Meaning “Rama of wondrous deeds.”
  • Alokarama: Signifying “Rama of divine light.”
  • Anantarama: Denoting “Infinite Rama.”
  • Balram: A variation of “Balarama,” symbolizing strength and valor.
  • Bharat: The name of Rama’s younger brother, symbolizing devotion and loyalty.
  • Bharadwaj: Signifying “Descendant of Bharata,” it carries a lineage connection.
  • Bhaskara: Meaning “Sun,” symbolizing brightness and radiance.
  • Chitraratha: Denoting “a skilled charioteer,” reflecting expertise and prowess.
  • Chakravarthi: Meaning “emperor” or “king of all,” representing leadership and power.
  • Chandrabhaga: Signifying “one who possesses the luster of the moon,” symbolizing radiance.
  • Chakrapani: Denoting “holder of the discus (chakra),” representing divine weaponry.
  • Charudatta: Meaning “one with excellent wealth,” symbolizing prosperity and abundance.
  • Dhanurdhara: Meaning “archer,” reflecting Rama’s exceptional skill in archery.
  • Dayaram: Denoting “compassionate towards Rama,” signifying deep devotion.
  • Devrata: “Dev” means god, symbolizing devotion to the divine like Rama.
  • Tarakarama: Meaning “liberator through Rama,” symbolizing Rama as a guide to liberation.
  • Tarakesh: Combining “tara” (star) and “kesh” (hair), symbolizing Rama’s radiant presence.
  • Trivikrama: Denoting “conqueror of the three worlds,” reflecting Rama’s cosmic influence.
  • Tirtharaj: Merging “tirtha” (sacred place) and “raj” (king), signifying Rama as a revered leader.


Unique Lord Rama Names

Ram Lord

  • Adbhutarama: “Adbhuta” means wondrous; this name signifies “Rama of marvelous deeds.”
  • Anantarama: “Ananta” means infinite; this name represents “Rama who is boundless.”
  • Dhanurdharama: “Dhanurdhara” means archer; this name signifies “Rama, the skilled archer.”
  • Dayarama: “Daya” means compassion; this name represents “Rama who is full of compassion.”
  • Gopiramana: “Gopi” refers to cowherd; this name signifies “Rama, who is adored by cowherds.”
  • Gunasagararama: “Gunasagara” means ocean of virtues; this name represents “Rama with immeasurable virtues.”
  • Tarakarama: “Taraka” refers to liberator; this name signifies “Rama, the liberator from worldly bondage.”
  • Tribhuvanarama: “Tribhuvana” means three worlds; this name represents “Rama, who is the lord of all three worlds.”
  • Santatarama: “Santata” means eternal; this name signifies “Rama, who is eternally present.”
  • Suryavarchasrama: “Suryavarchasa” means radiant as the sun; this name represents “Rama with a radiant aura like the sun.”


Lord Rama Names Meaning Strength

Ram Hanuman

  • Balarama: Derived from “bala” meaning strength and “rama” referring to Lord Rama.
  • Balaraju: “Bala” is for strength and “raju” means king, symbolizing the strength of a king.
  • Balendra: “Bala” denotes strength and “indra” represents the king of gods, Indra.
  • Balesh: Combining “bala” for strength and “esh” denoting Lord or ruler.
  • Ramakant: “Rama” refers to Lord Rama and “kant” means beloved, signifying beloved by Rama.
  • Ramendra: Merging “Rama” and “indra,” it symbolizes the strength of Lord Rama.
  • Rameshwar: “Rama” combined with “ishwar” (god), representing the strength of the divine.
  • Ramveer: “Rama” for Lord Rama and “veer” meaning brave, indicating a strong and brave person.
  • Ramabhadra: “Rama” combined with “bhadra” meaning auspicious or good, signifying a person with good strength.
  • Ramachandra: “Rama” and “chandra” (moon), symbolizing Lord Rama as strong as the moon.
  • Ramashraya: “Rama” combined with “ashraya” meaning refuge, depicting one who finds strength in Lord Rama.
  • Ramanuja: “Rama” joined with “anuja” (brother), suggesting a brother of Rama and signifying strength.
  • Ramashresth: “Rama” for Lord Rama and “shresth” meaning best or excellent, portraying great strength.
  • Ramendra: “Rama” joined with “indra,” signifying the strength of Lord Rama.


Lord Rama Titles For Love

  • Raghurama: Combining “raghu” (ancestor of Rama) and “rama,” it signifies the love within the Raghu dynasty.
  • Ramdas: “Rama” joined with “das” meaning servant, portraying one who serves with love and devotion.
  • Ramachandra: “Rama” and “chandra” meaning moon, symbolizing Rama’s love as radiant as the moon.
  • Ramyapati: “Rama” combined with “pati” meaning lord or husband, signifying love and devotion to Rama.
  • Ramanand: “Rama” joined with “anand” meaning joy, indicating the joy and love associated with Rama.
  • Ramapathi: “Rama” combined with “pathi” meaning lord or master, signifying love for Lord Rama.
  • Ramyaan: A variation of “Ramya,” meaning pleasing or lovely, signifying love for Rama.
  • Ramneek: “Rama” combined with “neek” meaning pure, depicting pure and genuine love for Rama.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 108 names of Lord Rama?

Sl.No Name Meaning
1 Om Shriramaya namaha The giver of happiness
2 Om Ramabhadraya namaha The auspicious one
3 Om Ramachandraya namaha Moon like gentle

For a complete list do check it here.

Is Rama good name for boy?

Rama is a gender-neutral name of Sanskrit origin and considerable prominence within Hindu texts.

What are some names of Lord Ram?

  • Shamanth​
  • ​Paraga​
  • ​Vedantasarea​.

What is the best name of God Ram?

Adipurusha: Primordial being.

Why the name Ram is so powerful?
The word “RAM” in itself is very powerful as it’s made of “Raa ” and “Omm” which are the two chakras among the seven of the human body.


Eternal avatar of virtue, Lord Rama epitomizes honor, love, and sacrifice, inspiring souls with his divine grace. Hopefully, you liked our list of Lord Rama names for baby boys!

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