Top 10 Ways To Teach sh Words For Kids

sh words

So, we are here back again with the bang again on our most popular section on Learn with Us at Tinydale! Guess What? We are here with a new digraph i.e., sh Words for kids and its lesson plan. In this lesson plan children will be able to recognize and identify /sh/ digraph and the words starting and ending with sh digraph and frame sentences as well. So, What are we waiting for? Your Friend Tinydale is here to take you on an amazing journey of learning sh words:

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1. Introducing sh words for kids

sh digraph

You can start by introducing that we are going to learn about consonant blends today. In today’s lesson, we will discuss 2 consonants when come together to make a single sound known as a consonant digraph.
You can even recall the digraph we have done before to brush up:

2. sh words with pictures

In the next step. Try to bring up the picture cards. That works very well with kids of small ages. Kids love to see pictures. You can simply start by showing pictures to the kids one by one. And let them guess the name of the object or thing. Such as you can begin with the shovel picture and let them guess. If they need clues you can give clues such as which we use as a beach toy? Or the thing which is used to dig the sand and so on…

3.  sh words sound

sh sound – Here we will learn the sound of sh. Next, you can write big S on the board let them recall the sound of the letter S. Then you can proceed with the sound of the next letter h on the board. Now let them know when you blend these two letters together it gives us a brand new sound i.e. /sh/.In this way, you can start practicing sh words phonics.

4. Digraph sh Words Tongue Twister Game

You begin explaining the rules of the game.
First, give the tongue twister to all children “Sharon shivers on Sherry’s ship”
You first let them listen to the tongue twister clearly. Children love tongue twister and here learning happens in a fun way.
Let all the children get the turn one by one. The child said it correctly without stopping wins the game of Sherry’s ship.

5. Guess the Picture Game?

Here we are with sh games. Even you can try the simple game with support ones. Give the picture cards to each student. Let them simply guess things that start with sh and say it aloud again and again.

6. sh words for first grade

For enrichment kids, you can give them a sheet of paper and let them form sentences.
Gifted ones, you can let them write the words starting and ending with sh
For support let them say aloud the words with sh.

7. Sh words list

sh Words List

Let us have a look at the sh words list and say aloud and let the children repeat all over again in chorus.
she shed shin ship shoe shop shot show shun shut snob shack shaft shake shame shape share shark sharp shave sheep shell shelf shift shine shirt shock shoot shore short shout shove shadow shaggy shield shiver shovel shower shovel shrimp shrink shallow shelter sheriff shrivel shuttle sneaker shambles shamrock shepherd.

8. Independent Working Time with sh Digraph

Let each student have the independent time to practice what they have learned in today’s lesson by doing a worksheet. If you want to have a copy of the worksheet don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive it in your mailbox for Free!

9.  1 minute Game with sh words for kids

The support ones have to draw the words starting with the sh digraph in one minute
The enrichment ones have to write as many names as they remember with the sh digraph.
Children love to play games and I am sure they will thoroughly enjoy fun-based learning.

Bonus Art Activity!

Here we are with the bonus art activity. Let kids have outdoor play fun and collect seashells as Shells have sh digraph and make an easy DIY photo frame out of seashells.

10.  Review And Closing

This is the most important part of the lesson plan. Here we come to know what our children learned with a fun and engaging lesson plan. You can start by asking
What is the sound of /sh/ Digraph?
Pick the picture card and spell the name around the picture in front of the class?
Frame a sentence orally with the sh words
Identify the words using sh words
Let them go home and find out the object with sh words and bring them to the class the next day!

Please feel free to share your experiences with digraph and learning. You can get more of our simple lesson plans in the learning category. Do not forget to share your stories with us on [email protected], If you would like to get featured on our platform.

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