10 Ways to Teach wh Words for Kids Lesson Plan

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/wh/ Words is another fascinating topic to discuss and learn with our little learners. Consonant Digraph is formed by two consonant letters that make a single sound. For example, /ng/ as in wing, king. We are here to discover the top 10 ways to teach and learn wh words for kids. We will start gradually step by step. So, let us get started:

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1.  wh Words for Kids

Introduce by showing them the flashcards and the clue cards having wh-words. When you show the cards let the children be curious and engage themselves to guess the picture first in the cards and gradually tell them to read aloud.

2. /wh/ Sounds

Let the children know that it is one of the special consonant digraphs. The digraph is when two letters join together and make a single magical sound w which leads the word. Unlike in the case of /, ng/ digraph from the ending sound leads.

Let the children know it has a kind of windy sound(puff out the cheeks and blow the wind). Children can practice all over again and again with the sound wh together comes and makes. You can even show clues.

3. wh Sounds Words List

wh words list

You can start by giving the sound and the clues of some words that have the wh digraph. Let the kids prompt and recall from the flashcards and clue cards shown previously and engage themselves to give some examples of /wh/ words such as:

  • when
  • what
  • which
  • where
  • whisky
  • wheel
  • whirl
  • whip
  • whistle
  • whisper
  • whisker
  • which
  • why
  • wheat
  • whisk
  • whale

You can start with:

  • Lower ability can start by saying the sound two letters w and h come together and make.
  • The middle can see the clue and flash words and guess the words by seeing the picture clues.
  • Higher ability ones can think and answer and come up with the words having wh sound.

4. Question Game – wh Words for Kids

Asking questions

As there are the top 5 wh words which is the backbone of every sentence and the stories we tell and make for our tiny little ones such as:

  • where
  • what
  • when
  • why

And the other is not the exception is who which has a different sound. Let children play this game in small groups.

  • The first child will ask the question who took the wheel?
  • The second child will have to find the name of the child who took the wheel
  • The third child will follow the hidden clues to find the child’s name who took the wheel.
  • The fourth child will enquire by asking what is the wheel? So that to know more about the wheel and its appearance and to be aware of it.
  • A fifth child will go and find the wheel when the time runs out.
  • You can hide a real object or even the wheel flashcard.
  • The free printables for this game you can find it at the end of this lesson.

5. Real Object Explorers

wh words for kids wheel

Let them sense the objects around them such as:

  • whale toy
  • wheel
  • whistle
  • whiskers of soft toy

Let them sense and feel. You can see and let the kids guess the object? Then the teacher can focus on the wh digraph it contains and spell it out phonetically.

6.  Outdoor Learning – wh words for kids

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You can take kids for an outdoor learning session. Let them stay close to nature and start asking:

  • Who is the one who took you out and let children prompt?
  • What is the time now?
  • Where are we going?
  • Can you see the wheel of the car?

In this way, the best learning happens while discovering outside. And the best part it involves outdoor play and physical activities.

7. Read Read and Read!

Reading To First Graders

Reading question stories such as who, what, where, and when makes children curious and they are keen to learn more about what happens next in the story. As they are deeply immersed in the sequence. Try to focus on the vocabulary wh words we are learning this week. Teachers and Parents can always support their children to read, read, and read.

8. Short wh words for kids poem

wh words for kids poem

We have made a cute and easy poem based on /wh/ words which you can recite with kids all over again and again. Read aloud and focus on the digraph words. You can even find a free printable sheet to stick in your classrooms on wh words week. It goes like this:

What is this?

This is the wheel.

What is there?

There is a whale a whale.

Where is the whale?

The whale in the deep blue sea.

What is whiskers ,I want to know?

You know what?

A cat has cute whiskers.

9. Art and Craft activity with wh words for kids

The tiny little learners who learn best with the arts can enjoy this simple and fun activity.

  • Let kids make a simple imaginative wheel of the car on a piece of paper, cardboard, or paper plate.
  • Make a big question mark in the middle of the wheel.
  • And let them think and write all the questions wh-words at every side of the wheel and all around.
  • To make a wheel of wh-words.
  • Free printable activity pack will be available to you.

10. Worksheets

Worksheets work best with the tiny little ones. I have made worksheets based on their ability skills. You can take the printables for all levels and use them for free. Make sure to stay tuned on our social media platforms to stay updated with our latest posts and videos.

Review and Closing

You can assess children based on their abilities. And let them explore and choose the best and their most favorite way to learn the new lesson with passion. Always encourage them and welcome their questions. You can review them based on the activities performed, worksheets, simply asking them wh-words list and examples, by letting them simply trace the wh-words and letters on boards, sand, or in the air.

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