Find Out 11 benefits of Gobble Gobble It Game

Gobblet Gobblers

The game I love to play and it is really a good timepass game. It is non-other than the Gobble It game. It is easy to learn and have unlimited fun. Game gobble gobble is one of the best examples of love is play-based learning. We all love to play games with our little ones as it helps to the healthy growth and development of our children.

Requirements Of Gobble Gobble It Game

  • The number of players who can play at a time is 2.
  • It is suitable for ages 5 and up.
  • Playing time is 2-5 minutes and also depends on age group.

We are here to find out the top 11 benefits of playing the this game for children? Let us get started:

1. Promotes Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

In the game, children are involved so much that they are at the phase where they have to think critically and play a move to win the game. These thinking skills promote their level of presence in the gobble-it game.

2. Boosts Memory – Gobble Gobble it Game

Boost Baby Brain Development

When kids play this game they have to remember their moves and have to follow steps and take turns. Do they have to be aware of what has the opponent player moved last? What can be his next move? This skill of remembering these small moves boosts their memory naturally while playing the game.

3. Spatial Awareness


Visual Perception games such as gobble it game help in making spatial awareness among kids. They learn to decide on the objects such as gobble to play and make the opponent lose the game. This can be done when the player is aware of what move they have to play? And what can be the obstacle?

4. Taking Turns – Gobble it Game

Number bond with wooden blocks

This is one of the best games to make children learn the habit of sharing and taking turns. It is the game in which each player gets the turn one after the other. It doesn’t matter you lose or win. The turn goes simultaneously. And the kids playing have to wait for their turn.

5. Learn And Celebrate Win Or Lose!

winner loser

  • With this game, As the name suggests one wins and the other player loses the game.
  • Anyways in this game, children learn to celebrate like in Sports the win of one and have the sportsman spirit to celebrate and accept the defeat with full enthusiasm and with the thought of winning the game maybe next time.

6. Learn About Colours, Shapes, And Size

Castle with blocks

Gobble game sounds very attractive for kids. As it comes in attractive, colors, shapes, and sizes. Gobble comes in beautiful blue and orange bright colors which kids love to play. And the shape of the gobble is another big center of attraction to sense while playing the moves. Gobblers are of three sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large.

7. Hand-Eye Coordination

When you play gobble games with kids, it naturally strengthens hand-eye coordination. When kids touch the gobbles to make the move their tactile sensory skills also strengthens. Their eyes coordinate with their hands to make a move.

8. Improves Imagination Skills

imaginative hands-on

Gobble game helps in promoting the imagination power of kids. When kids are involved in the process of this game. Kids begin to imagine the situation which can happen and can plan to take the next move.

9. Make Strategies – Gobble Gobble it Game

Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Children planning

Children learn to make the strategies in a good way to win the game. They learn to solve problems and make the plan or a strategy for the next move so they can proceed on the right track of winning the game.

10. Manual Ability Excercise

Problem solving for doubling numbers

Children learn to think practically in the game. Keeping their emotions aside and their manual ability exercise happens in this way.

11. Mentally Strong

Stay mentally strong

When are tiny learners play the games? The best benefit of play is they become mentally strong. Children learn to tolerate and handle heightened emotions such as anger, anxiety. Having positive thoughts and the spirit that I will win the game boosts the spirit of the game.

Let’s Have Fun With This Game!

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