Top 10 Skin Problems Faced By Women During And Post Pregnancy

Top 10 Skin Problems Post pregnancy

Non-specific Dermatitis

Women may see red, flaky patches on the face and skin. This is called non-specific dermatitis. It happens due to the hormonal imbalance caused in the body after pregnancy.

Acne As Skin Problems

Acne As Skin Problem

  • Women face hormonal changes during and post-pregnancy, which causes acne.
  • It is a common issue for pregnant ladies.
  • Higher progesterone levels to maintain uterine lining in the pregnancy phase cause the secretion of clogged pores, sebum, and oil glands.
  • The stress that is caused by pregnancy is also a huge reason behind the inevitable acne.
  • Acne is annoying, and it also makes one feel less confident.
  • Don’t Worry New Mommies. It’s a time to celebrate and enjoy motherhood. It’s a phase to have skin troubles. Just be gentle with your sensitive skin, and we will come up with wonderful tips and tricks soon.

Dryness As Skin Problems

Dry Skin As Skin Problem

This is one of most women’s major trouble post-pregnancy, due to carelessness and no time for yourself. Women cannot take care of their beautiful skin and which causes poor elasticity. They cannot moisturize their skin now and then like before with some soothing oils and creams, which causes severe dryness and irritation on the skin.

Spider Veins As Skin Problems

Increased blood circulation during and post-pregnancy, combined with hormone levels, highlights facial veins in a spider-like effect. Small reddish blood vessels come branching out around the face. Commonly around the:

  • Nostrils
  • Cheeks
  • Neck
  • Upper body. This is the spider veins effect. It usually shows itself on a woman’s face post-pregnancy.

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