Impacts of Online Class Setup on Children During Pandemic

Virtual Classroom

With the pandemic disrupting everything everywhere, it hasn’t been easy to impart education. Education is something that can’t be stopped or delayed. Changing education methods(online class setup) amidst the pandemic has helped students learn better and get the best education they can. The physical classrooms aren’t accessible anymore, but the virtual classrooms are filling the shoes just fine.

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Physical Classroom v/s Online Class Setup

  • Physical classrooms are those where children have to present physically to attend the class. It has been the way of teaching forever. Students come to the classes where teachers teach their particular subjects. Teachers take up chapters one by one and provide students with extra notes. The physical environment of these classes offers maximum learning opportunities for every student.
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  • Virtual Classrooms offer educational opportunities to every student using technology. Students can access it from anywhere anytime. It is a comfortable environment where teachers are facilitators. Students are actively engaged and interacting with one another and learning things. These are the online classes that provide abundant knowledge by using internet facilities.
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The whole world had come to a standstill with the pandemic restricting people to leave their homes. In such times, virtual classrooms are more useful and accessible. The education framework is taking a shift toward the use of virtual classrooms. The teachers are making sincere efforts to cope up with the technology. The students are getting familiar with the material being provided online and not right into their hands in the form of a book.

Why has Physical Classroom been more Preferable up until now?

  • The physical classroom provides an opportunity for all the children to properly interact with the teacher without hesitation.
  • It is free from distractions because the teacher is present and can keep a check on the whole class to maintain the decorum
  • The physical notes and books are more accessible and convenient for learning.
  • Children can interact easily with each other and this makes it easy for them to cope up with the whole class.
  • Teachers can know who needs more attention and help that particular student separately.

Online Class Setup Evolution from the Early Years

With time and the introduction of high technology, the concept of the virtual classroom is gaining popularity. The facilities provided by a virtual classroom in today’s world are way more compared to those provided in the early days. Virtual classrooms are easy to access but only to an extent before the proper technology and features are introduced.

However, nowadays the modern world is helping the virtual platform of learning to become the new normal. Virtual or online learning provides various channels such as mail, online chat, and video conferences, through which students and instructors can interact with each other anytime anywhere.

Merits And Demerits Of Physical Classroom

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  • The bond between the teacher and the student is perfect when they interact physically. It’s easy for both of them to communicate with each other. If a teacher has to ask something. Or a student has some doubts. Things resolve quickly in the classroom.
  • It’s easy for teachers to make the student understand the topic clearly. As they are very well aware of the emotions of the child’s faces during the lesson. It leads to the success of the lesson one to one.
  • As there is a famous saying “Time Is Precious”.In this form, Children’s loads of time are wasted from commuting to and from school daily.
  • Maintaining a physical classroom always sounds expensive. Take infrastructure maintenance, water, or electricity consumption.
  • There is a time frame to understand the topic in a particular period. If by chance he missed the class, it’s tough for the student to cover up the things.
  • In this form of learning, Kids have to follow a particular monotonous schedule every day without break. There is no scope of consideration or ease.

Merits And Demerits Of Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom
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  • Virtual classes are flexible. Students can attend a virtual classroom at their ease from anywhere and anytime with their login credentials.
  • The major issue faced by teachers and students in accessing the virtual classroom is the availability of an internet connection. For the smooth running of the class speed matter a lot.
  • Introvert students find it very easy and comfortable to address their doubts in a virtual classroom compared to a physical setup.
  • Due to internet connectivity issues. Many times there are voice and video issues. It causes inconvenience in a clear understanding of the lesson(Number bond). And leaves students uncertain about the topic explained.
  • The sense of emotions and physical bond between the teacher and her children misses in a virtual classroom setup. The main group affected is preschoolers and kindergartners.
  • The major benefit is the availability of the study material is there with the students and parents. They can access the files, and PPts anytime whenever they want to learn at their comfort.

Which is better?

Although the question of which learning platform is better is still debatable, it’s not wrong to say that virtual classrooms might be better suited for the post-pandemic world.

Online classrooms are beneficial to an extent because they don’t necessarily require waking up early. Students feel relaxed and carefree even if they miss the class. Also, they get the option of watching the recorded lectures later. However, a teacher-student relationship can be best established in the classroom only. The actual student-teacher interaction for clearing up doubts and asking questions cannot be established online. It is tough to teach discipline in a virtual classroom.

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Both forms of teaching are appropriate in their own way. They both have their disadvantages too, But taking into consideration the world’s situation as of now, the virtual system of learning has proved its merits. As technology advances, this system is here to stay.

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