Handling Online Class During Pandemic with Help of Play

virtual classes with power of play

Changing Dynamics in Pandemic

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Life in lockdown is putting a magnifying instrument on all everyday issues. Learning is no exemption. Using the power of play is the best way to help children learn in the pandemic. Parents can recreate school at home, but here, children will learn playfully and with more joy. Toys and other objects that must be bought or a parent must encourage play. These are hard to come by during the pandemic. Parents currently have less opportunity to help their kids without admitting them into childcare.

In any case, schools have mounted an amazing effort to reach children at home. Early years settings are finding imaginative approaches to help to learn the world over yet.

Tips For Parents To Encourage Play In the Pandemic Situation

power of play

Early learning from home is a new challenge for both children and parents today. Here are some innovative ideas parents can use to encourage their child to play in the pandemic.

  • Act as characters from the stories they read is another way. In the above video, Children can make beautiful stories as per their imagination and act as the story’s characters.
  • Going for an outdoor play with all the precautions and safety measures is safe to go.
  • Parents can also encourage them in dancing, singing, yoga, or meditation.
  • Doing some Tactile Sensory Play Activities With Kids.

Hence, parents have many options that can encourage play and help their children learn even in this pandemic!

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