12 Ways To Teach The Love Of Sharing Is Caring To Your Child

Love of Sharing

Sharing is Caring! Sharing is the combined use of objects or things. Most importantly, Sharing can be of feelings and emotions as well. Sharing is the first value that children learn from their birth as well as in preschool or nursery. The teacher covers special lessons on sharing to learn and to follow in the future.

Sharing household chores
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 As Margaet Cho said, “Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways, it can change someone else’s life forever.”

As Said, Sharing is the best policy and we should learn and follow at every step of our life. We should teach our children about sharing in every instance.

Some interesting ways and tips for parents to teach their kids the love of sharing is as follows:

1. Power Of Love

I Love You Baby!

  • The first and foremost technique for parents is to love. Love can play magical things around. Make a bond with your child. When kids feel loved, then the preference on their list is always people, not things. And, It’s easy for parents to mold their kids for better being with the power of love. So, the connection matters.

2. Learn To Have Patience – Sharing Is Caring

Patience to deal with anxiety

  • From the very beginning, Parents should teach their child to learn patience which later builds the habit of taking turns. Children should wait for their turn in a play or any activity. If they refrain to do so let them realize their mistake. You can always help them in realizing their fault and learn the importance of sharing and friends/siblings.

3. Magic of Practice In Case Of Sharing

  • The process of practice works wonders with toddlers and preschoolers. when they do one task again, they learn best. As practice makes men perfect. So, Keep practicing the act of sharing.

4. Praise For Sharing

  • Children always love to get praised. A positive atmosphere and behavior work best at this tender age. Make sure to praise your child with positive words and emotional gestures such as a Wonderful job! I Love You! That’s like my cutie-pie!! These one-liners work wonders when they do the act of sharing among their friends/siblings.

5. Value Of Time


  • Parents should inbuilt the value of time at a very early age. In this way, Children learn to respect time. Like for example, When I tell my child he has to finish this play in the next 15 minutes, he will respect that. As he knows it’s his sister’s turn now.

6. Pretend To Play In Family(Family On Sharing)

  • As we know children always learn what they see their parents do. Not the gestures which their parents teach. So, there should be a positive environment of sharing in the family which sets an example in little minds to learn the act of sharing. Like for example, In our home, we always have a common playtime in which we all share days equally so that everybody in the family gets a turn to have his favorite game played.

7. Listen To Your Child Carefully – Sharing Is Caring

Listen to your child

  • As a Parent, I always listen to my child first before analyzing the situation.we should respect our child’s privacy. As human beings, we have a tendency to possess things. So, our little ones have the same habit too. We should respect this and whenever their siblings ask to share their favorite toy, make sure you ask for their permission before offering it to someone.

8. Sharing With Needy

  • Charity begins at home. As a parent, We should make sure we always make the habit of sharing food, medicines, knowledge, other usable things with the needy. As we do a good cause our children learn from our good deeds. We should visit old age homes, orphanages often. So we can understand their needs and offer a sharing hand whenever possible.

9. Child As Problem-Solver

  • If your child is good at building blocks. He makes beautiful buildings, towers out of blocks in minutes. As a parent, We should encourage his good act and praise. In this way, When your kids get a positive appraisal, He will always offer a sharing hand to help their small siblings or friends to build a castle out of blocks.

10. Preplanning And Clear Understanding

  • Pre-planning is the best strategy that works for me. Like for example, If I am planning to go to a birthday party of my kid’s friend. I prefer to preplan things ahead. I prepare him to have his say and allow him to have fun to the fullest but simultaneously I make sure he is aware of the get-together and should share the things with all his friends and vice versa.

11. Communication Is The Key

Talk to deal with anxiety

  • Talking and having open-end discussions with your child is a good way to handle the situation. Ask your child to discuss with you and what is troubling him? Why is he feeling sad? For instance, First, understand the situation why is he disappointed? then act as per the condition by keeping your child’s behavior confidential.

12. Take Active Participation As A Parent Whenever Required

  • For example, You are in a park. Your kids are having ultimate fun doing a variety of rides. And, all of a sudden kids have a dispute over one particular ride. Both are stuck on their decision. Both of them are willing to ride the slide first. In this situation, You as an adult, Participate actively, try to calm down the kids, and wait to normalize the heated environment. Then listen to both of the kids carefully and try to resolve ones they are willing to listen to and calm.
Sharing food with friends
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Other than this let your kids have a habit of social gatherings, In this way, He will learn the moral of sharing naturally. To avoid disputes, You can keep your kid’s favorite toys aside during a playdate. And, Keep all the toys open for sharing. Personal advice, try to develop the habit of sharing as early as possible. As its always ways to mold kids at the foundation stage. So, These are quick tricks and tips which will work like magic to develop the habit of sharing. Spread Love And Keep Sharing!! As Sharing is Caring!

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