How Kareena Kapoor Maintained Herself During Pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor

Diet and Routine Post-Pregnancy

Kareena has always preached a positive body image. Although she worked very hard to maintain her body weight after her first pregnancy, she openly speaks about how moms should love their body post-pregnancy. She lived out every pregnant woman’s dreams by fulfilling her cravings for pizza, pasta, samosa, and many other foods while pregnant. Now Kareena sticks to Doodhi sabzi, karela sabzi, one roti, and a bowl of rice and soup.

Her trainer shares her workout stories tells everyone about how hard she worked for her body post-pregnancy. Kareena had taken up an intense workout routine to take care of the weight gain during pregnancy. She also says that now, she’ll be more careful about her body with her second pregnancy, unlike the first time. She really pushed herself beyond her limits to stay fit, and she’s a great example for all pregnant women out there.

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The good news is that you don’t have to deprive yourself of good food to look good. Sustainable diets keep you sexy and sane. This is exactly what @kareenakapoorkhan was eating and working out around late May – mid June when she shot for the #filmfare cover. Meal One – Soaked badams / Banana 9-10ish workout (details below) Meal Two – Dahi rice & papad OR roti paneer sabzi & dal 12ish Meal Three – small bowl of papaya OR handful of peanuts OR piece of cheese OR some makhana 2-3 ish Meal Four – Mango milkshake OR bowl of litchi OR some chivda 5-6 ish Meal Five – Veg pulao & raita OR. Palak or pudina roti with boondi raita OR. Dal rice & sabzi 8ish Bedtime – Haldi milk with little nutmeg If hungry in bet – fresh fruit, curd with raisins or cashews, Nimbu sherbet, Nariyal pani, Chaas with kalanamak & hing Weekly workout – Day One (D1) – 20 mins treadmill, focus on speed D2 – Yoga routine D3 – Break D4 – Home strength training workout D5 – 40 mins on treadmill, focus on staying on steady speed D6 – Restorative yoga postures or Core workout D7 – Break #kareenakapoorkhan #eatlocal #eatlocalthinkglobal #lockdown #dontloseoutworkout #yummyfood

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Kareena has also been subjected to body-shaming comments by many people post-pregnancy. In an interview, she said, “Losing the weight after that was another journey. I remember, sometimes, I’d wear tight pants, and people would tell me, ‘You’ve put on so much weight. Your thighs are so big.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t care because I’m working on losing it.’ Honestly, I’m comfortable in any shape and size.” This really proves that pregnancy is no different for celebrities!

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