Handling Online Class During Pandemic with Help of Play

virtual classes with power of play

Dealing With Virtual Classrooms Support For Parents

virtual classes with power of play

Both parents and students have to deal with virtual classrooms during this pandemic. However, it is just plugged and play. It can be difficult to get used to. 

  • Virtual learning is very ineffective as there is the less personal interaction with the teachers. 
  • Parents today are worried about the effects of this shift on their child’s health.
  • Prolonged hours of sitting in front of the screen are harmful to the eyes.
  • It leads to a sedentary lifestyle and monotonous sitting and postures in children.
  • A huge increase in the screentime due to the virtual classes, drag children more in the virtual world. Hence, they are cutting themselves from the physical world.
  • No activeness and more lethargy in children is also a result of this shift. 

Limitations And Problems Faced

limitations or cons

These are the problems no one can avoid but can minimize. 

  • Take good care of your child’s eyes.
  • Tell them to wash the eyes every hour for hydration. It minimizes eyesight problems.
  • Give short breaks now and then.
  • Brain breaks work wonder with kids.
  • You can introduce small brain gym exercises or mild yoga postures in between the lessons.
  • Frequent meal breaks can work, as well—a fruit break or a snaking in between.
  • Parents can also encourage Age-Appropriate Household Chores For Children.
  • Please encourage them to play at home physically and not on video games. It will help avoid the high screen time increase.

And similarly, parents can use many effective solutions to keep their children healthy. Even in this situation of an ongoing pandemic!

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