These Are the Top 10 Reasons for C Section Delivery

Reasons for c section

Pregnancy is a beautiful and overwhelming phase in every women’s life. But whenever the name of c section or c section delivery comes to mind it starts creating stress and misleading regarding the process. Women are always concerned about c section risks. And would like to dive into the details of all the pros and cons of c section. But, Do you know What causes C Section? You know what sometimes it is not in our control and we have to schedule the C section or the Plan C Section. Nothing to worry ladies you will make it through it and come out even more stronger and beautiful. Here in this blog, I have come up with the top 10 reasons for C Section delivery. What are we waiting for let’s begin:

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1. Repeat C Section

If you have a baby birth via c section before this delivery. There are more chances of having a cesarean birth this time. Still, you can contact your doctor and know your chances to have normal delivery this time. This is one of the top reasons for a c section.

2. Slip of the Umbilical Cord

Umbilical Cord - Reasons for C Section

When the umbilical cord slips through the cervix, it starts creating complications. When this happens, the baby inside the womb doesn’t get a proper blood supply and this can cause the doctor to plan for the cesarean section in an emergency.

3. Reasons for C Section – Babies With Birth Defects

Birth defects- Reasons for C Section

Babies with birth defects such as:

  • Heart defects, such as missing or misshaped valves
  • Neural tube defects
  • congenital heart diseases

increases the chances of having c section delivery as it reduces the risk of delivery complications.

4. Inadequate Oxygen

Inadequate oxygen Reasons for C Section

If the baby in the womb fails to receive sufficient oxygen supply and can create fetal distress. It increases the chances of having an emergency c section.

5. Fetus Position

Baby growth first trimester

Advised position for successful vaginal birth is head down and legs up. Other positions such as:

  • Breech position- Where bottom leads first
  • Transverse Position- Side to side position

increases the chances of having caesarian delivery.

6. Reasons for C Section – Big Babies

Baby development in mothers womb

Babies who are large in size pass through the canal. Or those who are on the heavier side. These conditions increase the chances of having c section birth to avoid complications and post-delivery recovery is smooth.

7. Having More Than One Baby

Twin pregnancy

Pregnancy with twins increases the chances of having a c section. When the expectant mother is carrying more than one baby :

  • Twin babies
  • Triplets
  • Quadlets’

or even more. It creates pressure on the mother and the pain is more. In these cases sometimes the doctor can plan for c section delivery.

8. Preexisting Medical Condition of the Expectant Mother

Existing medical conditions of the expectant mother such as:

  • High blood pressure

Blood pressure Levels in healthy pregnancy

  • High sugar levels

Blood Sugar Levels in healthy pregnancy

  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Cardiac ailments
  • Gestational diabetes

Can increase the risk of the health of the mother if they proceed for natural birth. So, the Planned c section is preferred in such conditions. This is one of the common signs of Unhealthy Pregnancy.

9. Reasons for C Section – Infection

blood loss

Women who had infections such as HIV or Genital Herpes in the past have the risk of passing them to their baby while vaginal birth. In such cases, doctors prefer to have a cesarean birth.

10. Placenta Previa

If the expectant mother is having low-lying placenta detected during her visits to the boy gyne. The doctor may avoid having a vaginal birth as it can lead to excessive bleeding. So doctor advises having a scheduled c section knowing the risks associated with this.

Happy and Safe Delivery!

Tips To Stay Happy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the experience in which women feel on top of the world. And it is the time to feel so. It is the time to celebrate motherhood. It hardly matters by the method or process by which you delivered your beautiful baby into this wonderful World! Stay Happy! And have Healthy Pregnancy!

Healthy pregnancy

This article is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be providing medical advice and is not a substitute for such advice. The reader should always consult a health care provider concerning any medical condition or treatment plan. Neither nor the author assumes any responsibility or liability concerning the use of any information contained herein.

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