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What Happens To Fetal Growth In The Second Trimester 

Fetal development

We will discuss fetal development in the second trimester. Previously We have Discussed the following topics related to second-trimester pregnancy:

In The Second Trimester following Baby growth and development are observed:


Baby kicks
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The baby inside the mother’s womb can:

  • Move around
  • Kick
  • The Baby’s limb movements are seen in the scan.
  • Turn from side to side.
  • Roll and flip as well.

Sense Organs

Baby can hear
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  • The fetal inside the womb eyes are slowly moving near to the front of the face.
  • The ears are taking the position near the side of the head.
  • Now, The baby can hear the voice of a mother.

Fetal Skin Forms

  • The thin skin forms all over the fetus.
  • This skin protects the inner thin layer of the fetal skin.
  • The consistency of vernix is creamy white or cheese kind of.
  • Vernix protects the fetus skin from chapping and hardening.

Skin Development

  • The skin is red and wrinkly.
  • Soft hair covers the skin.

Fetal Nails

Fetal development nails
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  • The finger and toenails of the fetus are grown.
  • Now, Fingers and toes are completely distinguished as they are separated.

Fetal Eyes

  • Eyebrows are visible.
  • Eyelashes start to develop.
  • Eyelids start to open up.

Fetal Reflexes

The fetus will develop reflexes such as:

  • Sucking
  • Swallowing.

Urine Form

  • Around the 13th week of pregnancy, Your baby’s urine starts to form.
  •  The fetus can release the urine in the amniotic fluid nearby.

Other Significant Highlights Of Fetal Development

Heart beat Baby growth

  • Thet can respond to the stimuli.
  • The placenta is fully developing.
  • The brain of the fetus will have a major development in the second trimester.
  • The digestive system of the baby starts to work.
  • The fetus inside the womb will follow the sleeping pattern and the cycle of sleep and wakeup.
  • Hair starts to grow on the head of the baby.
  • The baby becomes 14 inches long and might weigh a little over 2 pounds.
  • Finger and toe prints are visible.
  • The Baby’s neck is more prominent and defined.

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