A Complete Guide For Two Month Baby Milestones

two month old baby milestone

The second month is a very crucial one. The newborn baby phase now starts to diminish, and you begin to understand the baby’s traits and personality and is known as a two-month baby now. Your tiny newborn baby is growing quickly. In just two months, your newborn baby has changed in various aspects. And now, You’ll additionally start realizing what makes your 2-month-old tick – from different preferences to crying triggers. Being a parent, it is your duty to help your child achieve such milestones easily. Previously we had a detailed discussion on A Complete Guide For One Month Baby Development And Milestones. Here, In this article, We will detail every bit of the life of a two-month-old baby and two month baby milestones. Stay with us on tinydale for the month-by-month baby growth and development!

two month old baby milestones
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Two Month Baby Milestones

Milestones The outcomes
Emotional and social milestones The baby may begin to recognize more people or sometimes even smile at them.
Movement milestones  The baby’s movements start to become more coordinated.
Communication milestones Baby starts to become sensitive to more sounds and responds and reacts to them.
Cognitive milestones  The baby may begin to pay more attention to everything. 

Here are the major milestones that need to be achieved for a two-month-old baby:

Emotional And Social Milestones

two month old baby (1)

A two-month-old may now begin to stay more in touch with you, react to your voice, recognize you, and maybe give you the very first smile. The baby may also try to engage more with people and be less fussy with others.

Physical Development

  • Your baby will grow 1 to 1and a half inches in length.
  • Baby ideally gains 1and half to two pounds every month now.
  • The Baby’s pediatrician will keep track of growth and development.

Movements Of Two Month Baby Milestones

When the baby turns two months old, the movements start to become more co-ordinated. The baby is learning to control his movements. Two-month-old baby can manage and have more controlled kicks as compared to last month. The hand and leg movements become more prominent. Baby starts to notice the hand movements he do in front of him. The baby may even try to push himself up when laid on a tummy. The more prominent movements also begin to look smoother and hassle-free. As for the head, the baby may hold the head up for a bit longer than before!

Some Cute Movements With Two-Month-Old Baby

  • The good news your tiny baby will make one step forward towards being independent.
  • When you look and smile for your baby, the Baby will try to respond by smiling, or you can sense the baby is happy to see you smile.
  • Baby talk starts at this phase. You will hear charming sounds from your baby, such as ba-ba, ah, mmm mmm, and kind of amazing sounds. Try to show some reactions and had a baby talk its the right time to add some elementary and easy words while you have to have this precious moment with your little one.

Communication and Awareness

Since your baby will express more, the crying and snarling sounds will be more prominent. The baby will start to get better at communicating. The baby may also start to make gurgling sounds. A two-month-old baby also becomes more aware than before. He may even turn his head towards an incoming sound.

Cognitive Development Of Two Month Old Baby

Cognitive Development

These milestones are basically related to thinking and problem-solving. The two-month-old baby reacts and responds better than before to sounds or light. There is a bit more learning and thinking involved in the second month. Baby will find the objects with colors more attractive and love to see them whenever you take them out for a walk. The baby will now be Paying more attention to faces and may also Begin to follow things or objects. You will observe baby will respond to the familiar faces around them, such as their Fathers and Mothers.

Two Month Old Baby Diet Pattern

  • Remember, mommies, each baby is unique, so his feeding patterns!
  • Feed the baby whenever he is hungry and wants milk.
  • Generally, a two-month-old baby feeds 6-8 times a day but remember it’s different for every baby.

A baby can show signs when he needs the feed, such as:

  • Moving the hands near to his mouth
  • Getting fussy and irritated
  • Starts to suck
  • Whimper.

Sleeping Pattern Of Two Month Old Baby

Baby sleeping

A two-month-old baby will now start to sleep 14 to 17 hours of sleep during the whole day, i.e., the time duration of twenty-four hours. Some babies by now can develop and sleep in one stretch at night for 6-8 hours in one go. Remember, every baby is different, so let him take his time to be gradual and gentle with this phase and process. You can still start practicing good and healthy sleeping patterns gradually. Sometimes Cosleeping with your tiny baby does wonders.

You can improve Nighttime sleep by:

Vaccines For A Two Month Baby Milestones

When your baby turns 2 months old, getting him/her vaccinated becomes important. A two-month-old baby must get vaccines for protection against diseases like:

  • Haemophilus Influenzae Type B disease (HIB) (1st dose)
  • Hepatitis B (HepB)  (2nd dose)
  • Polio (IPV)  (1st dose)
  • Diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough (pertussis) (DTaP) (1st dose)
  • Rotavirus (RV)  (1st dose)
  • Pneumococcal disease (PCV13) (1st dose)

Furthermore, you will have to pay more attention and take better care of your baby once he/she has been vaccinated. Your baby needs extra attention for the consecutive two to three days after getting vaccinated. Hence, if you see something that seems unusual and concerns you a bit, immediately call your baby’s doctor.

Signs to Lookout For A Two-Month-Old Baby

A two-month-old baby usually tends to achieve the above milestones easily, but you might have to visit the doctor for consultation and help if you see the below-mentioned signs:

  • If your baby doesn’t watch things closely or attentively as they move.
  • If your baby doesn’t respond to certain loud sounds.
  • When your baby gets really fussy with other people or doesn’t smile at others.
  • If the baby Can’t hold head up for a longer bit when lying on tummy.
  • If the baby tends to show movements that aren’t coordinated at all.

Happy 2 Months, My Tiny Little Baby!

Two month old baby

Please feel free to share tiny milestones and the growth and development of your little bundle of joy. Stay tuned with us on Tinydale for upcoming months full of a cute baby’s growth and development with love and warmth!

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