Top 10 Skin Problems Faced By Women During And Post Pregnancy

Top 10 Skin Problems Post pregnancy

Puffy and Dark Circles Under Eyes

Puffy and Dark Circles Under Eyes

Pregnancy is tiring and exhausting. It’s ok to Outsource help with parenting tasks if required. After the baby is born, the mother feels restless and weak. All this exhaustion is the cause of dark circles under the eyes. It makes the eyes look puffy and dark. The baggy eyes and the bulge below the eyes are the major concern after having a baby due to poor blood circulation and compromising the sleeping pattern and schedule.


  • It is one of the concerns faced post-pregnancy by most women.
  • It is non-communicable and nothing to worry about, as it will not affect your baby.
  • This concern can be triggered if there is too much contact with water work such as washing hands frequently, cleaning the baby often, washing dishes, etc.
  • Eczema causes reddening, inflammation, and mild itching in the skin.

Hair Issues

Hair loss post pregnancy

Postpartum hair loss is one of the most common phenomena. One of the outcomes of this hair troubles post-pregnancy. Hair loss post-pregnancy is temporary, and it’s normal. New mothers, for the most part, need to manage the hair loss situation after pregnancy. Hair loss is one of the Things That Happen During Postpartum. Unreasonable hair-fall is probably the greatest cause of worry among new mothers, yet they can cheer up because it’s true that this is temporary.

Cause Of Hair Loss

  • Hormones
  • Fall in estrogen levels post-pregnancy
  • Pregnancy can also change ferritin levels in the body and change thyroid levels; this may cause postpartum thyroiditis, which is another reason for hair loss.
  • When you are pregnant, your hair goes into a dormant cycle. This causes less hair fall. This is the telogen phase 2. Eventually, your hair goes into the next phase, the telogen effluvium, and starts falling out.

Cheers! Skin Troubles Are Temporary!

Cheers, Ladies Its the time to celebrate motherhood as you are a proud mother now. Skin issues are just part of the journey of this big achievement. And, We will, for sure, gain body confidence post-pregnancy. That we will definitely overcome in weeks or months post-pregnancy; stay tuned with us for the magical tips and tricks to handle skin troubles discussed in this article above. Please let me know in the box below about the troubles you face as a new mother, as sharing reduces stress and trouble. Till then, Happy Time with your newborn.

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