7 Best Features Of Fake Pregnancy Belly

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Fake pregnancy belly is becoming popular as it helps couples who wish to have a baby through surrogacy. It is also common in movies, ads, and shows to show the pregnancy. It helps couples who wish to maintain the secrets of surrogacy. Many brands are marketing the fake pregnancy belly with the quality demands.

How To Identify The Best Fake Pregnancy Belly?

A fake pregnancy belly is made of 100% silicon; it is easy to wear with just a hook and loop to fit around your waist.


The material should be eco-friendly silicone and it should match young women’s skin softness, elasticity, color, and specific gravity.


Silicon belly should be flexible, breathable, and easy to fix in the correct position.


It should be lighter in weight and be easy to carry the whole day.


Waterproofed material is good to avoid any infection and other harmful effects.

Easy to wear

It should support easy wearing. The hoop and loop should be firm and easy to fit your waist.


If it comes in different styles suitable for months, it will be helpful to wear during that particular period.

Imitate Natural Belly

It should not show at any cost the belly is fake. The feel and touch should be the same as a real belly. No wrinkles should be there, it should simulate the original skin texture.


The use of fake pregnancy bellies is spreading among the people as the need for surrogacy is increasing. Many celebrities have used fake pregnancy bellies to have their baby through surrogacy. Now, even the common people are adapting this fake belly when there is a situation to hide the surrogacy or false pregnancy.

There is a steady increase in suppliers and demand for fake pregnancy bellies. The fake bellies are available in online stores and can get at different prices based on the sizes and ranges. If you are the one who wishes to have a baby through a surrogate mother, order the fake belly and feel like a natural pregnancy.

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