7+ Amazing Facts about Pregnancy belly

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A pregnancy belly is one of the fascinating things about pregnancy. Not only for pregnant women but for everyone around us. It is the center of attraction till the baby is out. The Pregnant belly can range from the tiny ones to the giant watermelon-shaped. Whatever the size and shape of the belly are, it is for sure ultimately cute.

Every expectant mother would love to know every tiny detail of their pregnancy belly. So, here we are at Tinydale to bring you 7+ Amazing Facts about Pregnancy belly with Pregnant Belly Pictures. So, Are you excited? What are we waiting for? Let’s begin :

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1. Signs your belly is about to pop

Pregnancy belly
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Every human is different so is her pregnancy and her amazing journey. There is no comparison between the two bellies. Generally, It starts popping up around the end of the First trimester 10-15 weeks and at the beginning of the Second Trimester. When your second semester begins, it is the time when your uterus starts expanding above the pelvic bone.

Top 5 factors which affect the popping of the belly:

  • Women’s body shape and size
  • Body structure
  • Position of the baby in the womb
  • Number of babies in the womb
  • If you have previous pregnancy, The mode of delivery.


2. Pregnancy Belly button during pregnancy pictures

Pregnancy belly - belly button
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When your pregnancy progresses it is normal to have some noticeable changes in your belly button. The navel starts to protrude out. Generally, it is ‘innie’, but it becomes bigger as soon as pregnancy progresses and turns out to be ‘outie’.

When your baby bump grows, the skin near your belly button becomes lil dry, itchy, and dark. But nothing to worry this all is a temporary change.


3. Pregnancy line on Pregnancy belly?

Pregnancy line
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Suddenly, during 4-5 months of pregnancy, you will start noticing a dark line known as linea nigra running through your belly, which is darkened due to increased estrogen levels, which produces melanin.

Commonly that line is light and not visible much known as Linea alba. Nothing to worry this line even automatically disappears after the birth of your little one.


4. Are you experiencing Baby dropping symptoms?

Baby dropping belly picture
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By the time you hit the third trimester you’re really over having heartburn, shortness of breath, and no As soon as you enter the third trimester, Suddenly one day the expectant mother’s belly drops.

The reason behind the belly drop is baby’s head is moving down into the pelvis area, This process is known as lightning or engaging. First-time mothers can experience this symptom at some stage in the weeks near labor while Second-time mothers can just experience it before labor.


5. Baby Movements

Baby kicks pregnancy belly picture
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This is one of the magical moments experienced by expectant mothers generally during 13-16 weeks. It is one of the feelings loved by pregnant women and miss once the baby is out. This is the time when your baby first time does:

  • stretching
  • punching
  • rolling
  • flexing the legs or arms
  • or simply moving around.

This is one of the amazing pregnancy belly facts where you can feel your tiny baby moving.


6.  The Baby bump size

Here we are on the size of your baby bump. Remember no two pregnancies are the same. Similarly, the pregnancy belly is different for each pregnant woman. Not only you but people around you start making predictions of your baby bump such as:

  • why is my baby bump so big?
  • why does my pregnant belly look smaller some days?
  • You look big, Are you having twins?

Nothing to worry about when people come to the talk follows. They are no one to comment it is your pregnancy and your right to carry your pregnancy belly the way you want!


7. Postpartum belly pictures – Pregnancy Belly

It’s one of the most amazing feelings to deliver your beautiful baby into the World. It is one of the heavenly feelings. It comes with some kind of disappointment as you believe once the baby is out you will achieve your pre-pregnancy belly. But that’s not a cakewalk.

But nothing to worry about as each body is different so is the journey some may achieve shortly after birth while other women have to work out with proper healthy eating habits to achieve desired belly post-pregnancy.

But Hold on Mumma! the things you did are out of this world and you need to cheer and feel proud of them! this thing will surely be alright in no time!


Happy Pregnancy!

So, Here we discussed 7 amazing facts about pregnancy belly. Hope you find it useful. Please don’t forget to share with your near and dear ones. Wish you a Happy And Healthy Pregnancy!

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