10 Unicorn Keychain Collection – Free 2022

Unicorn keychain

Here we are again with an amazingly interesting topic for unicorn lovers. Guess what? Yes yes yes you are right we are here with the amazing list of top 10 unicorn keychain collectibles every girl should possess in her collection. Without any further delay let’s dive into the topic:

List Of Top 10 Unicorn Keychain

1.  These cute keychains come with white unicorns with multicolor horns and hair and with a cute black and white eye. It just looks perfect to carry with a mini-figure unicorn.


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2. This unicorn keychain comes in beautiful and bright-colored unicorns such as lavender, white, pink yellow, and peach. Plus it is topped up with a cute mini rainbow and shell-shaped figures attached to the keychain.


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3. She looks so royal and cute on top of her is a  fluffy throne! This adorable unicorn pompom keychain is absolutely pretty. And it is the perfect gift option for fluffy and plush toy lovers.


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4. This is a glittery plus shimmery unicorn keychain that shines so beautifully and looks just wow when you use it as your personal accessory. Even you can add in as your purse add-ons as a cute Lil love!


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5. This one you can add as a customized keychain as you can add your name to this keychain with a cute unicorn circle keyring with mini-figures such as a rainbow, pompom, unicorn, and a heart.

6. These absolutely adorable unicorn keychains! Love them, don’t you!?  They come with a colorful bands with beautiful notes such as:



You can gift these to someone special!


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7. Floating Keychain collection comes in the shape of a transparent toffee filled with a glittery liquid with a mini unicorn figure dipped inside which moves all over and gives a realistic look!


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8. Unicorn shapes lego kind of keychains are unique and different combo a lego lover would love to have in the collection.


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9. Super cute unicorn Plushies with a key chain are one of the best options for keepsake, gifting, and return gifts. They come in bright and vibrant colours.

10. Crochet unicorn bookmark and Keychain  – It is the perfect love for crochet lovers and the best example of a DIY keychain a girl can have for her collection. Isn’t it cute?

Happy Collecting!

So, Here is the amazing list of unicorn keychains you can have in your collection. If you have any new collectibles don’t forget to share them with us in the comment box below. We would love to feature it on our list and add it to the list forever!

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