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20+ Free Signs You’re Having A Girl

signs you are having a girl

Hello everyone! What were your symptoms when pregnant with a girl? Symptoms of having a girl are fun to know. We are here again at Tinydale with Amazing 20+ signs you’re having a girl for Free. Let us find out in points and discuss them all. Feel free to share with your near and dear ones.

Generally, The only trustable way to find the gender of the unborn baby is through the ultrasound scan. But it is completely up to you if you want to kee it as a surprise or reveal before the baby is born to prepare for the new baby.

Here we are to trigger your curiosity with ample old wives’ tales. There is no surety in these tales, but it’s always fun to guess your baby’s gender beforehand. Let us discuss one by one all the clues in detail:

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1.Heartbeat – signs you’re having a girl

Heart beat Baby growth

Its generally said that if the baby’s heartbeat is more than 140 beats per minute, you are pregnant with a girl.

2. Belly Shape

Pregnancy belly
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However, if the belly is round in shape, there are more chances of having a baby girl.

3. The way You are Carrying – signs you’re having a girl

If you are carrying high it is one of the signs you’re having a girl.

4. Breast Size during Pregnancy

Natural Ways

If your left breast is larger than the right one most probably you are pregnant with a girl.

5. Morning Sickness Gender

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If you experience severe and uncontrollable nausea and morning sickness in the first trimester, you are pregnant with a baby girl.

6. Tummy Time mirror

When you are looking at the mirror and do this for a minute or so. Your pupils don’t dilate are the signs you are having a girl baby.

7. Sweet cravings during pregnancy – signs you’re having a girl

Fruits and vegetables

It is commonly predicted based on cravings basically the food cravings of the expecting mother.  If a mother craves sweets food such as juice, sweets, and fruits, she is pregnant with a baby girl.

8. Ring Gender Test

Tie your wedding ring in a normal thread. Take it over your belly. And, Make it swing. If it swings side to side. Most probably you are carrying girl.

9. Natural soft skin

Glowing skin

people say you have super soft skin are symptoms of having a girl

10. Mood swings during pregnancy

Avoid stress for hair loss

Expectant mothers who face severe mood swings in the first trimester are carrying a baby girl.

11. Skull theory – signs you’re having a girl

When an expectant mother goes for an ultrasound scan. The baby’s top head is tapered and the lower jaw is rounded. Many people believe in skull theory. You are having a girl baby

12. Older sibling

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It is believed that if your older child’s first word was mama when he/she started talking.

13. Pregnancy urine color chart

When you are pregnant with a girl your urine color is said to be yellow.

14. Direction of the pillow

IF your pillow faces south when you sleep it’s guessed you are pregnant with a girl baby.

15. Sleeping side during pregnancy – signs you’re having a girl

Proper sleep

You lie down on your right side when you sleep.

16. Hair growth during pregnancy

Hair loss post pregnancy

If you have thin and dull hair during pregnancy. You can even checkTop 10 ways to treat Hair loss Post Pregnancy.

17. Conception date calculator based on birthday

You add your age at the time of conception and the number of months you conceived If the result is the odd number you are guessing to be pregnant with the girl.

18. Love Making Time – signs you’re having a girl

During the lovemaking process at the time of conception if you are more composed at that point.

19. Linea Negra

Pregnancy line
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if the Linea Negra touches the belly button you are supposed to be carrying a baby girl. It is one of the Amazing Facts about Pregnancy belly

20. Weight gain during pregnancy – signs you’re having a girl

If you gain weight overall on the body not just around the belly you are guessed to be pregnant with a girl.

21. Oily Skin During pregnancy

If you having super oily skin during pregnancy.

Happy Guessing!

So, These are the fun guesses you can try out to predict if you are pregnant with a baby girl. But remember! These are mere guesses and there is no scientific evidence behind these theories. I am sure you are part of our amazing group “Pregnancy Support Group” Till then Happy Guessing and Healthy pregnancy!

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