10 Easy Ways To Teach One Little Kitten To Grade 1 Kids!

One little kitten

If you’re looking for easy ways to teach One Little Kitten poem to grade 1 kids, look no more! We have compiled a handy list of ideas about the poem, difficult word meanings, and teaching ideas!


One Little Kitten Poem Lyrics

NCERT Class 1 English Unit 3 Marigold book contains the poem “One Little Kitten”. Listening skills can be improved by watching this video.

One little kitten

Two big cats

Three baby butterflies

Four big rats;

Five fat fishes

Six sad seals

Seven silly seagulls

Eight happy eels;

Nine nervous lizards

Ten brave bees

Eleven smelly elephants

Twelve fat fleas;

Thirteen alligators

Fourteen whales

Fifteen donkeys

With fifteen tails.


One Little Kitten Poem Summary

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In this whimsical counting poem, each number from one to fifteen is associated with a different animal or creature, creating a delightful and educational journey for young readers.

From kittens and cats to butterflies, rats, and various other animals, the poem introduces numbers while also showcasing a diverse array of wildlife. The playful use of descriptive words and rhyme adds charm to the narrative, engaging children’s imaginations.

This poem not only teaches counting but also fosters an appreciation for animals and language through its rhythmic and imaginative storytelling, making learning a joyful experience for kids.


What Does One Little Kitten Poem Teach?

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This short poem is a whimsical and fun way to introduce counting and numbers to children. It uses a variety of animals and creatures, each with a different number, to engage young readers. Here’s a breakdown of what the poem teaches:

  • Counting: The poem introduces numbers from one to fifteen in a creative and memorable way, associating each number with a different animal or object.
  • Animals: It features a wide range of animals, from kittens and cats to butterflies, rats, fishes, seals, seagulls, lizards, bees, elephants, alligators, whales, and donkeys. This can be a fun way to teach kids about different animals.
  • Rhyme and Rhythm: The poem’s rhyming pattern (kitten-rats, fishes-eels, etc.) and rhythmic structure make it enjoyable to read aloud, which can help with language development and phonemic awareness in young children.
  • Imagination: The poem encourages imagination and creativity by associating numbers with animals and using descriptive words (such as “nervous,” “silly,” and “smelly”) to add character to the creatures.

Overall, this poem is a playful and educational tool for teaching young children about numbers and animals while fostering their love for language and storytelling. Source


Vocabulary To Learn From One Little Kitten Poem


The poem you provided, with its playful and imaginative use of language, offers several words that can be enjoyable for children to learn and understand:

  • Kitten: A young cat.
  • Cats: Plural of “cat,” referring to the larger feline animals.
  • Butterflies: Colorful insects known for their delicate wings and transformative life cycle.
  • Rats: Rodents often found in urban areas.
  • Fishes: Plural of “fish,” aquatic animals that live in water.
  • Seals: Marine mammals known for their streamlined bodies.
  • Seagulls: Large, common coastal birds.
  • Eels: Long, snake-like fish that often inhabit freshwater or marine environments.
  • Lizards: Reptiles with scaly skin, typically found in various habitats.
  • Bees: Flying insects known for pollinating plants and producing honey.
  • Alligators: Large, aquatic reptiles with powerful jaws.
  • Whales: Enormous marine mammals, some of the largest animals on Earth.
  • Donkeys: Domesticated animals related to horses and known for their braying sound and hardworking nature.
  • Tails: The rear part of an animal’s body, extending from the spine.

These words not only help children expand their vocabulary but also introduce them to a variety of animals and the concept of plurals. Source


10 Ways To Teach One Little Kitten Poem

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Teaching a poem like the one you provided can be a fun and engaging experience for children. Here are ten ways to teach this poem effectively:

  • Read Aloud: Start by reading the poem aloud to the children. Use expressive voice and gestures to make it engaging and captivating.
  • Visual Aids: Use pictures or drawings of the animals mentioned in the poem to help children associate the words with images.
  • Counting Activity: Emphasize the counting aspect of the poem. Have the children count along with you as you read each line, using their fingers to keep track.
  • Animal Exploration: After reading the poem, have a discussion about each animal. What do they look like? Where do they live? Are they real or imaginary? This can be a great opportunity for a mini-science lesson.
  • Rhyming Words: Highlight the rhyming words in the poem (e.g., kitten-rats, fishes-eels) and discuss what rhyming means. Encourage children to come up with their own rhyming words.
  • Creative Writing: Ask the children to create their own counting poem using different animals or objects. This encourages creativity and reinforces the concept of counting.
  • Act It Out: Have the children act out the animals mentioned in the poem. For example, they can pretend to be cats, butterflies, or seagulls.
  • Crafts and Art: Create art projects related to the poem. For instance, children can draw or color pictures of the animals or create a collage with cut-out images.
  • Memory Game: Turn the poem into a memory game. Write down the numbers and animals on separate cards, and have the children match the numbers with the corresponding animals.
  • Recitation and Performance: Encourage the children to memorize the poem and perform it for their peers, parents, or in a school assembly. This boosts confidence and public speaking skills.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Q and A

What is the main theme of the poem one little kitten?

It teaches children about animals, numbers, and even adjectives.

How many kinds of creatures are there in the poem one little kitten?

There are fifteen creatures mentioned in the poem.

Are the seals happy?

No, The seals are sad.


Summary Tinydale

One Little Kitten Poem is a fun poem that can be enjoyed by kids anytime, anywhere. Hopefully, you liked the summary of the text and the simplified meanings of the words!


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