10 Ways To Teach ou Words For Kids

ou words lesson plan

We will discuss ou words phonics lesson plan in detail. Let us get started with the top 10 fun and engaging ways to learn and discover ou words lesson plan:

Before diving into the ou words .Let us learn about a bit of

What is Digraph?

A Digraph consists of two-letter which make a single sound or phoneme. A digraph consists of vowels or consonants. For example, /oa/ in Coat or Toad.

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There are two types of a digraph, i.e., Consonant and Vowel Digraphs. A consonant Digraph is formed by two consonant letters that make a single sound. For example, /ng/ as in wing, king.

Before starting with lesson let us have a :

Question And Answer Round

What are some ‘ou’ sound words?
  • Count.
  • Found.
  • South.
  • House.
  • Mouse.

What’s a word that starts with OU?

oubit ouche
outed outen
outer outgo
outie outre
outro outta

To check the complete list go check it out here

What sound does OU make in a word?

To help our students remember these sounds, we use the key phrase “Trout Soup” because it can say /ow/ like in trout and /oo/ like in soup. Source

Do any 5 letter words end in OU?

Segou tahou
tatou vodou

What has OU in a word?

couch, cough, etc.

Yes, ou is a valid Scrabble word.
Digraphs that spell vowel sounds include the letter pairs ai, ay, ee, ea, ie, ei, oo, ou. Source

How do we sound OU?

Is OU a syllable?

Diphthongs ou/ow and oi/oy are included in this category. To know more go here and check out. 

Is OU a short vowel sound?

Spelling the short vowel sound /ŭ/ : u, o or ou. The detailed answer is here.

What phase is OU in phonics?

Phonics phase 5

Is OU a vowel team or diphthong?

There are 8 English diphthongs, including the vowel team pairs ‘oi’/’oy’ and ‘ou’/’ow’. To know the answer click here.

1. ‘ou’ Sound Digraph

We are going to learn about a vowel digraph. In this digraph, two letters, i.e., o and u, mix and make a single sound or phoneme /ou/. Words with the ou sound.

The 4 Sounds of the Spelling OU
  •  / ow/ as in found. about, house, shout, mouse, count, loud, sound, hound.
  • long o as in four, pour, court, mourn, fourth.
  • 3. / oo/ as in you., tour, crouton, group.
  • 4. / uh/ as in the country. cousin, double.

2. ou Words List – Examples – ou Words Lesson Plan

ou words examples - tinydale

Some of the words that have ou in them and the list of ou words :


  • Loud
  • House
  • Mouse
  • Mouth
  • Count
  • Sound
  • Sprout
  • Proud
  • Bounce
  • South

These are the words containing ou.

3. Using The Objects

Count with foam numbers - tinydale

Let your kids see all the objects and things in front of them. Please keep all the items related to ou words in front of your children and let them explore.

Try to extract what they are thinking about the objects in front of them. Let them spell aloud the word they are seeing in front of them. Like I kept a:

  • Toy Mouse
  • House
  • A bowl of Sprout
  • A counting board
  • A round shape

And let your kids play the guessing game. And let them spell out the object placed in front of them turn by turn.

4. Spell Out Loud-ou Words Lesson Plan

round ou words lesson plan - tinydale

Teachers and Parents can let their kids recall the objects or things they have seen just now. Let them spell out loud using phonics.

They will try to explore many new ng words using ng digraph, such as building, and strong.

Parents or teachers can introduce new words by giving hints and asking questions. Let them think on their own.


5. Importance Of Sand Play In /ou/ Words Lesson Plan

Sandplay - ou words lesson play - tinydale

Sensory play can prove to be magical for you in the learning process for your child. They enjoy doing a sensory play.

Here, simultaneously kids are learning new words and phonemes. Let them be free and sense the props placed.

You can give them flour, rice, or sand to trace ou words using their imagination skills. This helps in developing fine and gross motor skills. In this activity, children use their eyes to see and hands to touch.

In this lesson, I took my children out to ou games in the park. We found sand and it was super awesome to play. As playing with sand has amazing benefits.

Children loved to trace /ou/ words on the sand using their fingers and even using a shovel to dig a big o followed by u.


6. Frame Simple Sentences With ou Words

Parents should encourage their children to write as per their age requirements. Kindergartners can frame simple sentences using words with ou.

The teacher can give simple words to frame sentences. Let kids wear their thinking caps and try to make sentences on their own. Even you can give a picture clue to guess the word first followed by making a sentence using the following word.


7. Reading ou Words Story

How To Read Books To Babies - tinydale

You can explore a short story using ou words. Teachers and Parents can always support their children to read, read, and read.

You can select a concise story to start building habits, followed by focusing on the discussed related story.

Read with your child in the comfy reading corner. Once kids are comfortable, encourage them to make a short story using ou words. You can always prompt them to give clues and picture ideas.


8. Using Short Poem-ou Words Lesson Plan

ou words lesson plan poem - tinydale

For this lesson plan. We created a unique poem to sing along with our kids. I would love to share it with you all. If you like this kind of innovative idea please do like and support us by following on our social media platforms.

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The Poem Goes Like this:

I See a Round…

I see a Round…


Let Us start Count

I See a Round



I See a Round

Let us start count…

In this poem, we correlated with numeracy. Kids enjoyed recalling numbers by counting.


9. Craft Activity Using Ou Words Lesson Plan

Engaging kids in a simple art and craft activity will let them feel engaged and will prosper the process of learning.

  • Take a round plate.
  • Make a Mountain on the plate.
  • Drop some rubber bands from the mountain.
  • Let the kids count the bands dropping.
  • Let them loudly say with the sound.


10. 1-Minute Game

time clock - game - tinydale

Last but not the least, it is a game in which kids always love to play and participate. This is a fun game and can be played with any number of players:

  • Each player will get a chance
  • Every player will get 1 minute
  • There will be a list of ou words kept in front of the player
  • And the player has to read out aloud
  • One the reads the maximum number of words in one 1-minute will win the game

The purpose of the game is to enhance reading practice in kids and to build the sportsman spirit in the early years. In this way, They will also learn the concept of time.

Happy Fun Learning!

So, Here is all about ou words lesson plan. This is how my child and I love to make learning fun.

These are the top 10 hands-on activities initiated by me for my children to learn. Please feel free to share your experiences with digraph and learning.

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