Pregnancy and COVID-19: What Are The Risks?

Pregnancy And Covid-19

Pregnancy and COVID-19 Pandemic

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every women’s life that she cherishes forever. It is the phase that will remain forever in her memories. No doubt! Pregnancy is the phase where a woman goes through lots of ups and downs regarding her physical and mental well-being. Still, she comes up stronger with a beautiful baby. I am sure you are part of our amazing pregnancy group “Direct From Mothers” to stay updated with the upcoming posts and videos. In this blog, we will try to figure out everything related to pregnancy and covid-19. What are the risks associated with the mother and baby?

During the pregnancy, women are happier and more excited about the baby they will be giving birth to. It is a hard time now that covid-19 created a lot of problems for everyone and pregnant women are also get affected more. There is a need for the mother to protect herself and her baby from covid-19. So let us discuss pregnancy and covid-19.

Pregnancy and COVID-19: Is the PCR Test Required?

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Only yes is an answer, if the pregnant women get infected by covid-19, their body gets changed and their immune systems also getting affected. It results in affecting the respiratory system. WHO recommends pregnant women to take a test on covid-19 as they are having more chances to get infected. Immediately rush to the testing center if any symptoms of covid-19 are found in pregnant women.

How the Pregnant Woman can Protect herself from COVID-19?

Keeping non-contact with the atmospheric guest is the protecting method to keep yourself from the infection by the virus.

Measures to avoid COVID-19:

  1. Frequent hand washing with an alcohol-based sanitizer, soap, and water is the primary instruction to keep in mind whenever you are contacting with the surrounding.
  2. Avoiding inhaling the exhaled air from others means keeping distance in such a way to avoid exhaled particles. Wearing a mask is another way.
  3. Have the practice washing your hand if you are taking hands to the eyes, nose, and mouth
  4. Use tissue while coughing and sneezing and dispose of it immediately.
  5. Take quick medical assistance if you are struggling with symptoms of covid-19 such as fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing.
  6. Take extra care in attending routine care appointments. 

Possibilities of Transmission of COVID-19 from an Infected mother to Newborn

Still, there is no evidence or enough information that the covid-19 virus is transmitted from the infected pregnant woman to her fetus or newborn after delivery. And it is also found that no virus is seen in the breastmilk or amniotic fluid of an infected pregnant woman.

How to Take Care of COVID-19 Infected Woman during and Post-pregnancy?

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All pregnant women either infected with or suspected of the covid-19 virus should be given high-quality care before and after childbirth. The newborn after birth should take care equal to the mother. And there is a chance of postpartum depression and stress. proper counseling can help.

For the safe and healthy delivery of a baby, the pregnant woman should be treated with respect and dignity. Companion during delivery should be the choice of the woman whom she believes. The status of the pregnant woman should be communicated clearly by maternity staff. The necessary pain relief medication and nursery must be easily accessible in need.

For easy delivery of birth allow her to mobile in labor if possible and many women know their position, so allow her choice of position during delivery.

Safe Methods to be Followed by the Woman while Breastfeeding her Baby

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Still, there is no enough information regarding the presence of the covid-19 virus in the breast milk of infected women. However, it is necessary to follow the precautionary steps in breastfeeding the baby.

After childbirth, the mother should be careful in touching and breastfeeding the baby. Wash the hands with alcoholic sanitizer. 

Wear a medical mask during feeding the baby. Keep the surroundings clean and wash your hands regularly.

Steps to Follow by COVID-19 Infected Mother

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The infected mother can touch the newborn. It is always suggested to follow the following precautions:

  1. Wear a medical mask during breastfeeding and use tissue in coughing and sneezing
  2. Have skin-to-skin contact with baby
  3. Keep the baby a few distances away from the mother while sharing a room with newborn
  4. Wash your hands regularly before and after touching the baby
  5. Keep the surroundings clean and disinfect all surfaces of contact

Which is a Better Place for Childbirth during this COVID-19 Pandemic?

The place for childbirth is the choice pregnant woman depending on her health condition, her situation in labor, and health care facilities. It is better to discuss it with a healthcare professional. The availability of separate entrances for covid-19 infected patients is there in some hospitals. Most pregnant women will choose the home as their better choice. Another place of choice is any private hotel under the supervision of midwives and healthcare professionals. How to Protect the Newborn from Infecting the COVID-19 Virus?

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  • Wearing a medical mask
  • Avoiding physical contact
  • Not allowing outsiders
  • Keeping the surroundings clean
  • During this pandemic, there is a need to cross many hardships for a pregnant woman to deliver her baby from protect her baby from the covid-19 virus

Happy Pregnancy! Stay Safe!

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I agree it’s a tough time due to the ongoing pandemic situation. But, there is no doubt in saying women can stand powerful in any damn situation. Whether it’s pregnancy or any other task to be accomplished. They come stronger and bolder than ever before. I am sure you will stay safe during and post-pregnancy by knowing the risks.

Do take very good care of yourself. And, an expectant mother should pamper herself whenever she feels to do so. Do whatever makes you happy and is good for you and your baby inside you! I am sure you must be a part of our amazing Facebook page Tinydale to stay updated with our latest posts and videos! Wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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