Top 10 Signs Of Healthy Pregnancy (6 Will Surprise You)

Healthy pregnancy

The ultimate goal of the pregnancy is the health of the mother and the baby inside her womb. Do you ever wonder what are the signs of healthy pregnancy?

The baby’s growth and development inside the womb is the utmost significant factor in a healthy pregnancy journey.

Therefore, the Health of the expectant mother is one of the important criteria in determining the health of the pregnancy and the baby inside the womb.

In this part, we will discuss the Top 10 signs of healthy pregnancy and the baby in the womb:


Blood Sugar Levels Blood Sugar Levels in healthy pregnancy

We should keep a check on blood sugar levels in all the trimesters. Keeping track of blood sugar levels leads to a healthy pregnancy. As, if you are prone to gestational diabetes, it can lead to some complications in pregnancy. Normal blood sugar levels are as follows:

  • Fasting or before a meal should be less than 95 mg/dL.
  • 2 hours after the meal, it should be less than 120 mg/dL.


Blood Pressure Levels – Signs Of Healthy Pregnancy

Blood pressure Levels in healthy pregnancy

The blood pressure level is one of the important signs in determining an expectant mother’s healthy pregnancy. A normal blood pressure reading is 120/80 mm Hg.

A slight fluctuation in the level of blood pressure is part of the pregnancy journey. But it’s always better to take your doctor’s call if you find any changes.

If you have issues with blood pressure levels, you can take medical advice and closely observe your pregnancy journey, as higher levels can lead to preterm labor.

Weight Gain In The Healthy Pregnancy

Weight gain in healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is the only phase in life when weight gain is considered a healthy sign. It is directly correlated with the health of the fetus growing inside the mother’s womb.

Weight gain of around fifteen kgs is considered normal weight gain in a healthy pregnancy—nothing to worry about if you gain a little less or more during your pregnancy journey.

But the best way is to keep track of your weight gain and report it to your gynecologist.


The Position Of The Placenta -Signs Of Healthy Pregnancy

Baby growth first trimester

The pregnancy journey is considered a healthy pregnancy if the fetus is attached to the placenta from the very start till the birth of the infant.

The health of the placenta and the uterus is the utmost important factor.


Growth Of The Fetus In Healthy Pregnancy

Baby growth in first 12 weeks

Ultrasounds and regular checkups with the gynecologist is the best way to track your journey toward a healthy pregnancy. You can track the growth and development of the healthy baby inside the womb trimester-wise.


The Belly Growth

third trimester

Belly growth is one of the prominent body changes observed during pregnancy.

Every woman is beautiful, and so is her belly during pregnancy. Each belly is unique, and beautiful.No two bellies can be compared to conclude.

But your gynecologist is the right person who can track the growth of your growing belly month-wise.

Quick And Easy Tips To Tighten And Tone Lose Belly After Delivery.

The Hormone Levels

Progesterone and Oestrogen are the two most significant hormones in determining healthy pregnancy. The gynecologist keeps track of these two homes during the pregnancy.

The progesterone levels should be in the range as this hormone is responsible for keeping the mensuration cycle away during pregnancy.

Oestrogen is basically involved and related to the healthy growth of the uterus during pregnancy.


Morning Sickness – Signs Of Healthy Pregnancy

Morning sickness is a feeling of nausea and throwing whatever is eaten by an expecting mother. It is one of the common early pregnancy signs experienced by women.

Morning sickness is considered a sign of a healthy pregnancy. There is no proof study behind it, but definitely, the rise in HCG hormone during pregnancy can be the cause.


The Fetal Movements For Healthy Pregnancy

Heart beat Baby growth

Fetal movements and baby kicks are important criteria for determining the health of the baby during pregnancy.

As the woman proceeds in the pregnancy, the strength and the frequency of the baby’s movements increase gradually.

And pregnant woman loves to feel the sense of their growing baby inside is safe and secure. It is one of the adorable feelings which women love about being pregnant.


Heartbeat Of A Baby – signs Of Healthy Pregnancy

Heart burn in first trimester

The heartbeat of the growing baby inside the womb is a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

A heartbeat between 110 to 160 beats per minute is normal—the way to track a heartbeat is by electronic fetus monitoring or an ultrasound scan done by a doctor.



mum to be

These are the top 10 signs of a healthy pregnancy that depict the expectant mother and their baby’s health.

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Till then, Happy Pregnancy. Stay safe!

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