Three-Month-Old Baby – A complete guide

I Am 3 Months Old Baby

A three-month-old baby opens a new world for himself/ herself. When your infant is three months old enough, he or she will have made a sensational change from an absolutely needy infant to a functioning and significantly responsive baby.

Three-month-old baby milestones
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All three-month-old babies lose huge numbers of their infant reflexes while gaining better deliberate control of their bodies.

Previously we had a detailed discussion on A Complete Guide For One Month Baby Development And Milestones. And, A Complete Guide For Two-Month-Old Baby Development And Milestones. Here, In this article, We will detail every bit of the life of a three-month-old baby. Stay with us on tinydale for the month by month baby growth and development!

Milestones For A Three-Month-Old Baby


The baby may even start to see and examine his or her own development. 

Milestones The outcomes
Emotional and social milestones The baby smiles at people. He or she may even try to play with others and cry when the playing stops.
Movement milestones  Prominent arm and head movements along with frequent leg movements.
Communicative and visual milestones Baby starts to identify objects better and responds to the moving of the objects. He or she will also start making sounds and also react to them.

Here are the milestones that need to be achieved for a three-month-old baby:

Emotional And Social Milestones For A Three-Month-Old baby

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A three-month-old may now start to build up a social grin. This happens because of the emotional growth of the baby. He or she may now Appreciate playing with others and may cry when playing stops. The feelings of the baby show up as more open and expressive with the face and the body.


As soon as your baby turns 3 months old, he starts to Raise his head and chest when lying on the stomach and may even Support the chest area with arms. Stretches legs out and kicks when lying on stomach or back. The baby will also carry his hands to the mouth, and more significant hand movements will be displayed. The baby will now be able to put down on their legs when feet are set on a firm surface.

Communicative and Visual Milestones For A Three-Month-Old Baby

Cognitive Development

The baby will now watch faces more eagerly for the visual milestone and follow the moving face’s direction or even moving objects with the eyes. The baby may also Start utilizing hands and eyes in coordination and maintain a balance between both. The communicative milestones include starting to chatter and make a few prominent sounds. If the baby hears the familiar sound, he will respond with a beautiful smile. It is a real magical spell you can see try with your baby research shows. If you hug your baby, it enhances cognitive development.

Things To Be Taken Care Of

Sleeping Pattern Of A Three-Month-Old baby

Baby sleeping

Every three-month-old child is unique and has different needs. However, any ordinary 3-month-old requirements for sleeping range from 14 to 17 hours of rest in a 24-hour time span of a day. Hence, the sleeping pattern revolves around a sleep of up to 17 hours per day. 

Feeding Pattern

introducing solids

The three-month-old children commonly devour five ounces of milk around six to eight times each day. Also, these feedings must be done at intervals of about three to four hours. However, since every child has his or her own requirements, the intervals may differ.

Diaper Changing Routine Of A Three-Month-Old baby

diaper newborn

Any child who has turned 3 months old may pass some solid discharge once every day, or even once every a few days. As for the diapers, it’s safe to assume that the baby is doing fine if he/ she wets the diaper at least 6 times a day. 

Toys For Three-Month-Old Baby

Some of the toys which I researched and had a survey on which I really find useful and worked best with three-month-old baby are as follows:

Signs to Lookout For A Three-Month-Old Baby

You may have to check up with the doctor if you see any of the mentioned signs in your baby:

  • Firstly, if the baby doesn’t smile at the sound of your voice or react to other sounds.
  • Secondly, if the baby doesn’t follow moving articles with eyes or tends to turn its head if showed any moving object.
  • When the baby isn’t able to handle objects with the hand and shows less prominent hand movements.
  • When the baby isn’t yet able to uphold his/her head well.
  • Also, if the baby doesn’t chatter or make frequent sounds. 
  • Finally, if the baby doesn’t push down using the legs when the baby’s feet are set on a firm surface.

Happy 2 Three Months, My Tiny Little Baby!

Two month old baby

Please feel free to share tiny milestones and the growth and development of your little bundle of joy. Stay tuned with us on Tinydale for upcoming months full of a cute baby’s growth and development with love and warmth!

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