Why The Sky Is Blue? Let’s Find Out

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 We all see the sky and feel happier to see the clouds go by. People like to see the blue sky and feel different emotions. We often wonder why the clouds are white and the sky is blue? Many people are fond of sky blue color. Who all find a sky blue shirt soothing to wear?

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Why The Sky Appears Blue?

Sky blue
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The sky is blue because of two things; 1) Sunlight and 2) the Atmosphere of the earth. We are all familiar with the spectrum of colour and wavelength. We see a different set of colours because of the wavelength. If you are wondering what is wavelength then it is the “length of a wave”. When we pass the light through a prism then we will be able to see a different set of colours appear on the other side. So that proves that the light is made up of a total of seven colours called VIBGYOR – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Red has the longest wavelength of all of the colours while Violet has the shortest. By the way, HAve you checked our Rainbow Craft for Dad? If not please do check and let us know in the comment below.

When the sunlight hits the earth’s atmosphere it reacts and we can see different colours because just like a prism earth’s atmosphere separates the sunlight into different colours. So the sunlight has to pass through droplets, dust, smoke and gasses and different other barriers. This separation is called “scattering of light”

The earth’s atmosphere scatters some of the light and re-emits into the earth’s atmosphere. If the wavelength is longest then the light will be scattered less. If the wavelength is the shortest then the light will be scattered more. We cannot see the light because it is not visible to us but we can see the scattered light and all the seven colours because the sunlight is white.

If the wavelength is longer then the light will be scattered less and if the wavelength is shorter then the light will be scattered more. Red colour has the longest wavelength so it is scattered less compared to blue colour. The earth’s atmosphere having large-sized dust and droplets that will scatter the light in all directions equally. If the particle size is of smaller size then the colours will be scattered in different directions. But remember, the light can be visible only between 400 nm to 700 nm of particle size.

The sky appears blue because of the earth’s atmosphere and the size of the particle it has. So it scatters the light more. The clouds have larger particles and therefore they appear white.

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