5 Bollywood Stars Who Do Not Have Indian Citizenship

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Although films based on patriotism are often made in the Bollywood film industry but do you know that the stars who play the best characters in these films are not citizens of India at all. Here we are with the list of Top 5 Bollywood stars who do not have Indian citizenship. So let us tell you who’s name is on this list.

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1. Akshay Kumar


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Film actor Akshay Kumar’s love for India is not hidden from anyone. He is often seen helping Indian Soldiers, while he has also worked in many patriotic films. But you will be surprised to know that Akshay Kumar does not have Indian citizenship. Many years ago, Akshay left India and got Canadian citizenship. In such a situation, according to our Indian law, neither Akshay is an Indian citizen nor does he have the right to vote here.

2. Alia Bhatt


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Alia Bhatt, the younger daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, who made her debut in Bollywood in a very short time, has worked in more than one super hit film. But let us tell you that Alia does not have the citizenship of India. Yes, actually Alia’s mother Soni Razdan is born in England, due to which not only she but her daughter Alia Bhatt are also called citizens of the same. Alia also holds a British passport.

3. Deepika Padukone


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Bollywood’s Mastani i.e. Deepika Padukone may have become a well-known actress of the country today but she is not an Indian citizen if the news is to be believed, Deepika was born in Denmark, so she has citizenship of that country. Although it is said that Deepika also holds dual citizenship like Akshay Kumar, which means she is a citizen of both Denmark and India.

4. Imran Khan


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Actor Imran Khan, who suddenly disappeared from the film world, who entered Bollywood as the nephew of Aamir Khan, is also not an Indian citizen. When Imran Khan, who holds US citizenship, had put the matter before the government in 2014 to make himself an Indian citizen, the government rejected his appeal.

5. Katrina Kaif


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It is known to all that one of the successful actresses of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif is not an Indian citizen. So there is an interesting fact about Katrina Kaif. She was born in Hong Kong. And, She is a British Citizen. And she is working in India on Employment Visa.

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