Is It Safe To Drink Liquid Chlorophyll Whole Foods? (Video Reviews)

liquid chlorophyll whole foods

Every one of us for sure would have come across the word chlorophyll when we were in school. For a few seconds, we will go for school days and recall what is chlorophyll? And will have to look in detail at the proven health benefits of liquid chlorophyll whole foods.

What Is Chlorophyll?

All we know is that the green nature of the plant is due to the presence of a pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll plays important role in the photosynthesis process through which the plants absorb energy from sunlight.

Chlorophyll is not only helpful to plant health. It has important vitamins, antioxidants, and other therapeutic properties to benefit the human body. You can consume chlorophyll either as plants or supplements. Chlorophyllin in supplements is more effective than chlorophyll from plants. Pure chlorophyll can get from whole foods like wheatgrass or alfalfa.

People on social media might have seen the TikTok trend of chlorophyll in the year 2021. It raised various questions among the people regarding chlorophyll. People on social media claimed that drinking chlorophyll has various health benefits from skin healing to stress relief. They made the liquid chlorophyll or chlorophyll supplements as a trending green liquid that has a lot of health benefits.

To clear all your doubts let us see what the researchers are claiming about the liquid chlorophyll or chlorophyll drink and its health benefits. There is no clear evidence about the health benefits of chlorophyll, there are mixed results. However, let us see a few of the benefits of liquid chlorophyll here.

Top 9 Proven Chlorophyll Benefits

  1. Skin healing- Chlorophyllin in supplements helps in reducing inflammation and bacterial growth when apply to skin wounds. According to numerous studies, chlorophyll has shown positive results in treating other skin conditions such as treating acne and large pores, and sun-damaged skin.
  2. Improve the quality of red blood cells- Liquid chlorophyll may refer as a blood builder as it increases the red blood cells count and improves its quality.  The chemical structure of chlorophyll is similar to hemoglobin and can help in treating hemoglobin deficiencies. Another study suggests that the chlorophyll from wheatgrass helps in treating the blood disorder thalassemia. The worst condition of this disorder can lead to anemia.
  3. Improve detoxification and fight against liver cancer- According to the studies, chlorophyll can remove toxins that enter through food intake. A toxin called aflatoxin that enters can cause cancer. The process of detoxification is carried out by the liver to remove the toxic substances from the body. A copper or sodium salt in chlorophyll plays a key role in improving detoxification that can potentially reduce liver damage and liver cancer.
  4. Supports weight loss- From the results of a few studies, conducted chlorophyll has shown positive results in weight loss.  It increases the feelings of fullness by regulating hunger hormones. The women involved in the trial had been given a high-carb meal with chlorophyll and found weight loss over time. The long-term food suppression caused by chlorophyll intake reduces weight as a result. Few studies mentioned that chlorophyll also helps in neutralizing certain odors, for example, fishy odors. These are the few proven health benefits that proven through limited studies. But there is a belief that chlorophyll has more benefits than those listed above which still require further studies. Other possible health benefits are as follows.
  5. Improves digestion
  6. Treating constipation
  7. Reduce inflammation
  8. Yeast control in patients with candida
  9. Anti-aging benefits

Liquid Chlorophyll Side Effects

If you have a question like, is liquid chlorophyll safe? To say frankly, the natural chlorophyll from grass is not toxic but it can cause side effects as a part of digestion. The possible side effects are

  • Digestive discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching or burning when applying externally
  • Color change in stools
  • Vomiting and Nausea

Liquid Chlorophyll Whole Foods Nutrition Facts

Liquid chlorophyll is a rich source of vitamins A, C, K, and E, fatty acids, and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Our body absorbs liquid vitamins faster than vitamins through pills or capsules. Liquid chlorophyll is better than capsule form for easy absorption.


You can get liquid chlorophyll from nearby health food stores, drug stores and whole foods stops. You can get it in different forms like tablets, sprays, ointments, and liquid. Liquid chlorophyll should take orally for better results. If you have powder form, mix it with water or another liquid and can consume it.

There is no defined dosage to consume liquid chlorophyll daily. But on average an individual can consume 100 to 300 milligrams daily. It is better to consult with a doctor before following any dosage. Even chlorophyll drops whole foods are available.

Where You Can Get Liquid Chlorophyll Whole Foods?

You can get liquid chlorophyll from any whole foods shops or drug stores or health food stores. You can also order online from Amazon whole foods.

How Can Prepare Liquid Chlorophyll By Your Own?

Preparing natural chlorophyll on your own requires only two ingredients including parsley and water. You can make two tablespoons of chlorophyll from three ounces of parsley.

You can get fresh and green chlorophyll from the plants such as wheatgrass, green beans, spinach, arugula, peas, and leeks.

Green veggies and herbs are also good sources of chlorophyll. If you found a whitish interior then it has only a smaller amount of chlorophyll than veggies are green inside and out. This is one of the best choice for Chlorophyll supplements.

3 Video Reviews On Liquid Chlorophyll

2. I’m always skeptical of these tiktok trends and don’t believe people often, so I decided to try out the chlorophyll water trend myself and report back on my experience. Her honest review – Is it worth the hype?! Did it work?! Is she still a smelly girl?! Will she keep drinking it? All the questions are answered by her in this video.Have a look:

3. A Nurse’s Review on Liquid Chlorophyll after 2 Months of using liquid chlorophyll, Clear Skin & Weight Loss?!



As a final note, you can get chlorophyll either through plants or supplements as the best liquid chlorophyll. Both forms have several health benefits to serve, such as skin healing, reducing cancer risk, supporting weight loss, and treating hemoglobin deficiency. Now the question comes where to buy liquid chlorophyll? And is there any world organic liquid chlorophyll or liquid chlorophyll drops available on the market?

You can also add chlorophyll to your diet through the intake of vegetables like spinach, parsley, and arugula. Liquid chlorophyll whole foods supplements are available at health food stores and drug stores. Still, it requires further research to find other potential health benefits of chlorophyll. But it has some proven benefits to enjoy it.

Let us Dive into Detail about Liquid Diets, Types and pros and cons of liquid diets in detail one by one:

Pancreatitis Clear Liquid Diet

People with severe pancreatitis pain are also recommended to follow a clear liquid diet. They should start with clear liquid foods such as soups without veggies, fruit juices without pulp, water, tea, soft drinks, coffee, and sports drinks. You should follow this diet until you get better from the symptoms, and later on, you can slowly return to a regular solid diet.

Full Liquid Diet Menu pdf

Unlike a clear liquid diet, where you drink only water, tea, and broth, in a full liquid diet, you can drink all liquid foods. A full-liquid diet is more nutritious than a clear-liquid diet. You can consume liquid foods such as soups, juices, and smoothes. You can also take your favorite food in pureed form. A doctor may recommend this diet when someone who is preparing for a medical procedure, after or before surgery, those who have a problem with chewing, and to treat discomfort digestive tract. This diet has to follow only for short time. The maximum number of days you can be in is two weeks. The foods that can take in full liquid include pureed fruits and vegetables, milk, smoothies, ice cream, milkshakes, protein drinks, liquid oatmeal, and more.


Begin Healthy Eating

You may wish to cut certain foods from your diet. For that, you must detox yourself. You can do it with a liquid diet. After detoxing, you can restart your healthy eating.

Disadvantages Of Liquid Diets

  1. You May Gain Weight Again- When you move from a liquid diet to your regular solid diet, you may gain weight. The weight loss is temporary with a liquid diet.
  2. Insufficient Protein To Develop Your Muscle- When you are on a liquid diet your muscle mass becomes weak due to a lack of protein and loss of weight. Your weight loss occurs due to the loss of lean muscle mass during your liquid diet. While returning to a normal diet, your body burns only fewer calories which can lead to weight gain.
  3. Hunger Pangs- Liquids will not make you feel full like solid foods. You cannot hide your hunger. If you practice eating regularly, you may become overeating once you return to your regular diet.
  4. Eating Disorders- You may become a victim of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating if you are on a restrictive diet to some extent. These conditions may badly affect women and they should not follow any new diet without consulting a doctor.
  5. Liquid Diets Are Not For Everyone- It may be challenging for a few people to follow the liquid diet. It is not a good diet plan for pregnant women, children, adolescents, and those who are underweight.

Liquid Diets Side Effects

  1. Dehydration- If you are on an only water diet for a few days, it may cause you to lose body liquids and lead to dehydration. Some of the mild symptoms include headaches, bad breath, and fatigue. Too much liquid loss can develop problems like muscle cramps or kidney problems.
  2. Lack Of Nutrients-You may not get all the essential vitamins and minerals from the liquid diet. You can take supplements to balance nutrient needs.
  3. Constipation- Lack of fiber in the diet can cause constipation.
  4. Risk Of Gallstones- A very low calories diet like a plain water diet can increase the risk of gallstones.


When you find chlorophyll near me whole foods do get through this blog post for more information and the video reviews as well!

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