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The Skin To Skin Contact is commonly known as SSC and Kangaroo care. It is one of the most popular care and the contact which has numerous health benefits for both mother and baby. In this post, we will look out for the top 10 amazing of skin to skin with dad health benefits.

During pregnancy, the baby receives warmth, food, oxygen, and protection from their mother’s body. Once they are out they can only feel this amazing warmth when they are healed close to their mother’s body which is called skin-to-skin contact.

1. Bond Strengthens – Skin to Skin With Dad

First touch - skin to skin health benefits

Just after the birth the initial hour also knows as the Magical hour. It is the most amazing opportunity for mammals to have skin-to-skin contact with their baby to develop a strong love bond for a lifetime in the magical hour.

2. Smoothens The Change

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Yes! the babies who receive immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth are more strong psychologically and experiences less stress to settle in this unknown world. This magical touch which they are already familiar with helps them to upscale this big change in a preplanned and proper manner.

3. Boosts In Better Understanding –

Skin to Skin With Dad

Be positive Stay mentally strong - skin to skin health benefits

These health benefits of skin-skin really benefit both parents and the baby:

  • Newborn baby feels comfortable and can communicate well when is held close skin-skin. If the baby is hungry? Or the baby is sleepy? If the baby is uneasy and so on? It is easy for the parents to sense the clues.
  • On the other hand, babies can sense their parents are around them when they are healed close and secured in their parent’s arms.

4. A Natural Pain Reliever

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Skin to skin health benefits is again proved to be beneficial both ways such as:

  • It acts as a natural pain reliever for the newborn. If the baby is experiencing any kind of pain. And he is held close, eases the pain, and feels better. It reduces the recovery time from any kind of ailment.

5. Skin To Skin With Dad Helps to Calm Newborn

Calm to deal anxiety - skin to skin health benefits - tinydale

Many studies have shown that babies are held close to their fathers after birth. And receive continuous skin-to-skin contact therapy are more calm and composed. And They have fewer crying issues. They are good at controlling their heightened emotions and showcase good behavior when they grow up and experience fewer behavioral disorders.

6. Relieves Separation Anxiety

Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Children - tinydale

It is very common to observe separation anxiety from being an infant to a toddler to a preschooler and even in kids and tweens. Believe me, it is very normal. The intensity of separation anxiety varies from children to children. As every child is unique. I am sure you are part of our amazing learning group Love Is Play-Based Learning! What if I say separation anxiety is very common and is experienced by every child in their life. We as parents have got the amazing opportunity to address and handle separation anxiety in the best possible way. Here I have come up with a parents guide that includes the top 10 ways to handle separation anxiety in children. But, If the newborn receives skin-to-skin contact with the mother experiences less separation anxiety.

7. Happy Sleep!

Teddy sleeping on bed - tinydale

Last but not least Skin To Skin Health Benefits is having a sound sleep. Yes! you heard it right. When you have skin contact with your baby, it helps in improving the sleep quality of both mother and the baby. When they hug each other both feel safe and protected and can have a sound sleep. Cosleeping has amazing benefits as well.

One of the biggest health benefits for babies is when skin-to-skin contact happens. The heart rate and breathing rate are more stable and normal.

Happy Touch!

Sense Of Touch - skin to skin health benefits - tinydale

So, here are the Amazing Top 7 Skin To Skin with dad Health Benefits For Baby And Father. Hope you all enjoyed reading this part. Please do share with your family and friends as we are readily available on all social media platforms.

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