Can I Extract Entire Pages of a PDF Simultaneously?

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If you have a PDF document and you want to extract pages of a PDF Simultaneously or more than one page at a time, you’ll need to do it manually. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple. Here’s how you can extract PDF pages.


Here’s How To Extract Certain Pages Of A PDF

Pages Of A PDF

You can extract one or multiple pages of a PDF at once, but it’s important to note that the extraction will always be in order. In other words, if you want to extract page 6, you’ll have to extract pages 1-5 first.

If you are extracting multiple pages from a single file, then this isn’t an issue since they will all be sequential anyway.

But if you’re trying to save a few different versions of an entire document (or many individual documents), then this could become confusing if there is any overlap between those documents’ contents.

Here’s how:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer;
  • Click “File” and select “Open” from the menu bar;
  • Navigate to where your PDF is stored on your computer and double-click on it;
  • Select which page(s) you want to be extracted by clicking them in sequence as shown above (each time).


Here’s how to extract entire pages of one PDF and save them as a separate document

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To extract entire pages of a PDF, you’ll need to use a PDF editor. The most reliable way to do this is by opening the PDF in your favorite editor and choosing Edit > Extract Pages.

This will bring up an interface where you can select which pages you’d like to extract into their own documents.

If your computer has multiple processors (or if you’re using virtualization software), make sure to check “Use Multiple Processors.” That way, when it comes time to extract the files, they’ll be split into smaller chunks and thus take less time overall.

According to the professionals at Adobe Acrobat, “If you want to save space on your hard drive or make sure there aren’t any duplicates that could cause file conflicts later on down the line, consider converting all of those extracted documents into .pdf format before saving them as separate files (or just keep them in their original format).”


You Can Also Extract Multiple Pages From A PDF At Once

multiple Pages

You can also extract multiple pages from a PDF at once. To do this, you will need to use the “Extract [number] Pages” option under the File menu of the Acrobat Reader program or similar software.

Once you have selected this option, click on each page that you want to extract and then select “Pages” in your preferred order.

The software will then maximize your productivity by extracting all of these pages at once instead of individually.

Next, choose File > Export Selected Images… Then give your new file a name and save it where you want it to be. You can also click on the “Export” button at the bottom of your window to choose an image format for your PDF.

If you want to extract an entire page from a PDF, it’s easy with Adobe Acrobat DC. Just open the document and select the pages that you want to export, then choose File > Export Selected Images.

Then give your new file a name and save it where you want it to be.

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