How to Avoid Plagiarism? Improve your Academic Writing Skills

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Writing academic papers can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have an arsenal of accurate sources to reference or a knack for finding the perfect words. To top it off, you must ensure your writing is original and not borrowed from someone else’s work. This is something known as plagiarism! For many students, avoiding plagiarism can feel like more trouble. Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll cover strategies on how to avoid plagiarism while improving your academic writing skills. So read on and learn the tricks of the trade!


Know the Rules for Proper Citation and Attribution 

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Knowing the rules for proper citation and attribution can be a daunting task for many students. The key to success is taking a few minutes to get familiar with the basics and understand how citations help you strengthen your writing. By citing sources accurately and following style guides such as APA or MLA, you’re creating reliable research evidence. This will impress your professor! It may sound intimidating at first, but with the right attitude and preparation, it’s achievable. Believe me, putting in the extra effort to cite appropriately can make a huge difference to your work. It shows attention to detail, professional conduct, and respect for other authors’ ideas.


Use The Correct Referencing Format For Your Assignments 

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As a student, you want to avoid any and all potential sources of stress in your academic career. One way is to make sure you are referencing sources appropriately in your assignments. Sure, it can be mindless busywork but that is no excuse for cutting corners! Employing the correct conventions of formatting will help give your work an extra layer of professionalism. It will also show that you understand the importance of crediting the labor and contribution of others. This is something employers and educators find admirable. So, my fellow students, take the time to use the correct referencing format for your assignments today!


Always Double-Check your Work Using Online Plagiarism Detectors 

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Forget sloppy plagiarism checking by hand, dear students. With so much of your hard-earned reputation and professional future on the line, why take any chances? Take online help seriously and get the best quality paper with this plagiarism checker for more than 1000 words. Consult with professional writers on how to write an essay properly. Check more than a thousand words against an extensive database of sources at lightning speed to make sure you don’t miss anything. Don’t scan just once either! Sometimes plagiarism is only detected after multiple scans. For maximum security and peace of mind when it comes to plagiarism, always double-check your work using online plagiarism detectors!


Learn To Paraphrase Effectively – Don’t just Copy-Paste from Other Sources 

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Paraphrasing should be the go-to technique when it comes to summarizing content from other sources. But it takes more than just replacing a few words here and there. Truly effective paraphrasing requires creativity, skill, and practice. Without these three elements present, you run the risk of unethically copy-pasting content from elsewhere. This is a surefire way to land yourself in hot water with your peers and professors. 

Be bold in your paraphrasing! Think outside the box and use your own wording to differentiate your summarized takeaways from their original source. It takes some work indeed. But it is well worth the effort if you want to get credit for what should be yours alone. This is an engaging summary of extant knowledge.


Develop Strong Research Skills to Ensure Accuracy in Writing 

No matter how talented a writer you are, accuracy should never be taken lightly. Committing to developing strong research skills is the smartest thing you can do. This way, you can make sure your writing never falls short! Brush up on those elementary school lessons! Take the time to do your due diligence! After all, the tiniest of errors in facts could even cost you credibility. Brace yourself for a journey of exploring multiple sources and scrawling down relevant information. This is how great writers build their arsenal! 


Learn How to Read Critically and Take Notes As You Go Along

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Learning how to read critically and taking notes as you go along is key. Taking the time to interpret the text, look for evidence within the reading that supports an argument, and make connections helps. It improves comprehension and helps your brain remember important information. Plus, having written notes to review can serve as a refresher before exams or papers. So do yourself a favor, next time you tackle a book or article of any kind, read critically and take notes! It’s hard work, but better grades are worth it every time.



The most important takeaway from this blog post is that becoming a skilled writer requires practice and discipline. As a student or professional, you must understand the importance of accurately citing and attributing sources, developing strong research skills to ensure accuracy in your work, learning how to effectively paraphrase and read critically, and using online plagiarism detectors to double-check your content. 

Equipped with these essential tools, you will know how to properly craft an essay that expresses your uniqueness and creative flair – without any worries over accidental plagiarism. Bonne chance on your journey as a writer!

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Cory Shilling is a freelance writer and editor. With over eight years of experience in the field, Cory has worked on various projects for companies. He enjoys writing about marketing, technology, education, and culture. 

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