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Red Names

What are the top Red names for your newborn? To find names that contain the element red? If that’s the case, consider yourself extremely fortunate.


Red is a color that can be used to represent a wide range of emotions, and there are many unique options for baby names. In addition to having significance as a name, these are also very impressive and rare. Now then, let’s begin with names that connote the color red.

Choosing a name for your newborn opens up a universe of potential options. However, where do I even begin? Using your preferred shade of color as a filter can help you zero in on a few viable options. And if that color is red, then it makes sense to think about all the other words for red. There are many options available to you.

Perhaps it’s more than just the hue that appeals to you. Maybe you have a redhead ancestor you’d like to honor or simply want to celebrate the color red. There is bound to be a baby name that centers around the color red that you will adore, no matter what first drew you to it.

Names like Redmond and Redder are just two examples of the many names that contain the color red. The meaning of the name may be associated with the bearer’s hair, eye, or skin tone.

Red was more commonly used as a nickname back in the day. It used to mean “fire,” but now it can mean “gemstone,” “flower,” “Mars,” or “Leo” (the astrological sign). Let’s explore the fascinating realm of red-themed names and see what appeals to you. 

If your baby has red hair, red cheeks, or a red complexion, consider naming them something red. Red is an imposing hue that conveys strength and confidence, even if your child lacks these traits. Selecting a name from this list of red-themed options could give your newborn a sense of self-assurance right from the start.


Question And Answer Round For Red Names

Red tree

What Japanese names mean red?

  • Akako: meaning red
  • Akane: meaning deep red, dye from the rubia plant
  • Akari: meaning bright or vermilion red

What Irish name means red?

  • Caera: meaning fiery
  • Clancy: meaning red-haired warrior
  • Derry: meaning like a red oak
  • Flanagan: meaning red, ruddy
  • Flannery: meaning descendant of Flannabhra
  • Gilroy: meaning son of the red-haired servant
  • Rogan: meaning redhead
  • Roone: meaning red-haired
  • Rooney: meaning descendent of the champion
  • Ruaidhrí: meaning red king

Is red a male or female name?

It is a common name for both boys and girls.

  • Crimson – English, deep, purplish red color.
  • Poppy – English, reddish, orange flowers.
  • Rosie – English, red roses.
  • Ruby – English, gemstone.

What should I name my red dog?

  • Lava.
  • Sparks.
  • Maple.
  • Marigold.
  • Poinsettia.
Does Sienna mean red?
The meaning of the name, according to the website, is “reddish brown.” Source
The Red family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Source
Ruaidhri – Irish, means “red king.”
Maroon is a dark red color.

Akaibara (Red Rose)
Popular Baby Names, origin japanese
Name Meaning Origin
Akako red Japanese
Akane brilliant red Japanese
Akasuki bright helper Japanese
Akemi beauty of dawn Japanese

For more details go check it out here.

Chizuki.  This name simply means “blood moon”

What does the word “Red” mean in a name?

Red rose

The color red appears in a lot of people’s names; some examples include Redder, Redmond, and, of course, Red. Various alternative names simply refer to red in some way, whether as a color, a skin tone, or an emotional state.

Oftentimes, moms look for names with special meanings to pass on to their children. Maybe you have a thing for the color red and want to pass that on to your child by giving them a name that includes it. One possibility is that you want to honor the many redheads in your family by giving your child their name.

Red is an Old English name that was originally applied to people because of their red hair or complexion. These days, the color red can mean almost anything.

  • The Leo astrological sign
  • Energy associated with the element fire
  • This hue
  • Mars, a planetary body
  • Love, a precious stone, a beautiful flower, and an everlasting

In the alternative, you could use a name that means “red” in another language. Some languages use color to describe their names; the Hebrew word for red is Shani, and the Macedonian word for red cheeks is Rumen.

Famous people with red-sounding names include Erik the Red, the first Norseman to establish a settlement on Greenland.


What the Color Red Means to Other Cultures

Red raspberries

Bridal Dresses in Red from Asia. The Chinese prefer the color red because it is seen as auspicious. Young Japanese children typically depict the sun as a large red circle.

When referring to stock markets in East Asia, the color red indicates an upward trend. (Note that red indicates a decline in stock prices on North American stock markets.)

The color red is considered to bring good luck in marriage. In Asia, brides traditionally don bright red saris; in Japan, a bride would wear a kimono in that color to represent good fortune and joy.

Most of the symbolism of red today stems from these ancient connotations because our forebears associated it with the primal life forces of fire and blood. That’s a pretty fantastic history, but surprisingly, this vibrant color isn’t being used to name many newborns these days. And more is always welcome.


Best Red Names For Baby Girls

Riya name meaning

  • Auburn: deep reddish brown
  • Cherry:  red fruit
  • Hazel: Hazelnut tree
  • Poppy: red flower 
  • Rose: flower
  • Rosie: red roses
  • Ruby: deep red, precious stone
  • Scarlett: scarlet, red
  • Sienna: the reddish shade of brown
  • Gender-neutral names meaning red
  • Carmine: vivid red
  • Corsen: a reed plant
  • Ginger: English origin, and a nickname
  • Phoenix: dark red
  • Rory: red king
  • Rowan: rowan tree or little redhead.
  • Sorrell: reddish brown

Names for girls with red hair

What should I name my red haired girl? A bonus here is the list of some names for the girls with red hair

  • Anne
  • Ariel
  • Elizabeth
  • Ginny
  • Grace
  • Merida
  • Ygritte


Best Red Names For Baby Boy

Cute boy

  • Adam – Biblical, means son of the red earth
  • Derry -read at heart or red oak tree
  • Flann – red, or ruddy,
  • Gough – red
  • Harkin – red
  • Jasper – gemstone
  • Keegan – fiery
  • Radcliff – The red cliff
  • Radley – from the red meadow
  • Redmond – Irish, wise protector
  • Reed -Red-haired
  • Rousseau – French, red
  • Rowan – Scottish, little redhead, a tree with red berries
  • Rudyard – red yard
  • Rufus – Roman, red-haired king
  • Rumo – Cornish, red
  • Russell – French, fox-colored
  • Rusty – French, red haired; foxlike
  • Sorrel – French, reddish-brown
  • Titan – Roman, red-haired


Unique Red Names


  • Afra: Arabic origin, meaning whitish red
  • Altan: Turkish origin, meaning red dawn
  • Blaze: English origin, meaning fire
  • Crimson: English origin, meaning rich deep red
  • Gough: Welsh origin, meaning red
  • Harkin: Gaelic origin, meaning red
  • Miltiades: Greek origin, meaning red earth
  • Omaira: Arabic origin, meaning long life or red
  • Radley: English origin, meaning red meadow
  • Reading: English origin, meaning son of the red-haired
  • Roth: German origin, meaning redhead
  • Rousseau: French origin, meaning little redhead
  • Roy: French origin, meaning king
  • Rudyard: English origin, meaning red enclosure
  • Rufina: Latin origin, meaning red-haired
  • Rumen: Macedonian origin, meaning ruddy, red-cheeked
  • Rumo: Cornish origin, meaning red
  • Shani: Hebrew origin, meaning scarlet
  • Sohrab: Persian origin, meaning red water
  • Titan: Latin origin, meaning red-haired
  • Wapasha: Sioux origin, meaning red leaf


What are cool names for red?


  • Red
  • Cherry
  • Rose
  • Jam
  • Merlot
  • Garnet
  • Crimson
  • Ruby
  • Scarlet
  • Wine
  • Brick
  • Apple
  • Mahogany
  • Blood
  • Sangria
  • Berry
  • Currant
  • Blush
  • Candy
  • Lipstick


Final Thoughts On Red names

Red heart

These were the top Red names. Maybe you’re a redhead who’s planning on having a brood of fiery kids, or maybe you’ve just always been known as “Red” because of your fiery disposition.

If you’re looking for a baby name that’s as fiery as your little one, we’ve got you covered. We offer some sizzling choices for both boys and girls, as well as some that are gender-neutral.

Names for both boys and girls have traditionally been based on the color red. Love, flames, flowers, precious stones, and even the planet Mars are just a few of the modern cultural connotations associated with the color red.

Consider giving your daughter a name associated with love and passion, like Ruby or Sienna, in honor of the color you’ve chosen for her.

There is a long history of men, particularly brave Vikings and noble kings, having names that include the color red. Name your future king Rory, which means “red king” in Irish, or Titan, which comes from ancient Rome.

By the way, how did you like this outstanding and beautiful reddish article on top Red names for your newborn?

Tell us by commenting, and if you have any advice regarding top makar Red names, then definitely give it. 

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