Does Diet Soda Break A Fast? Know The Answer Here

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Does diet soda break a fast? Why this question is raised here? If you are fasting, you may be thinking about what food or drink you can take without breaking a fast. And it should not cause any harm to our health. It is the concern of everyone. Who will say no to soft drinks if it is sweet and tasteful? But when thinking about health benefits, you may have a second thought.

Before going for diet soda, it is essential to know why people are fasting and what happens when they are fasting.

What Is Fasting?

Fasting is the practice of taking a break from eating for a certain period. During which there will be a change in the metabolic process. What are the reasons the people may go fasting?

It may be;

  • Religious
  • Dieting or Weight Loss
  • Detoxing or Gut cleaning
  • Improve mental health or willpower
  • Medical reasons like treatment, testing, and other

Other than dieting or weight loss, people going fasting are rare. Today there is a trend that intermittent fasting has good results in weight loss. It may be a reason for people to ask the following question ‘Does diet soda break a fast?’

Intermittent Fasting- Does Diet Soda Break A Fast?

The main goal of intermittent fasting or fasting is to reduce weight by restricting calorie intake. Doing so helps in burning the fat stored in the body. It decreases the insulin level. During fasting, you can consume drinks that are zero calories. Soft drinks or diet sodas are zero calories beverages, so you can drink them while fasting; it is the common thought of everyone. It does not break the fast technically. But the truth is the artificial sweeteners added to the diet soda can cause your waist to increase in the long go and may result in many health problems. It can cause weight gain, heart disease, tooth decay, and diabetes type 2.

What did the studies say about diet soda? It does not add calories; it increases the appetite due to the hungry feeling caused by sweeteners in soft drinks. They tend to eat more and add extra calories while not fasting. It increases weight and can result in diseases associated with like hypertension, obesity, and heart disease. The sweeteners used in the diet soda are sucrose, fructose, acesulfame potassium, and aspartame. Here acesulfame and aspartame are used by the industries to make zero calories beverages.

Alternatives To Diet Soda

While fasting it is essential not to add calorie intake which may affect the goal of fasting. Then what can take, any drinks that are zero calories can consume during fasting. The zero calories drinks do not break the fast. What are they?

  • Water

Warm water bath

  • Tea
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  • Coffee


Apart from these, you can also take herbal tea or green tea without sugar. The antioxidant properties in them help in improving your immunity and better digestion.

Now, we are in the position to get the answer to this question “Does diet soda break a fast?”  Diet soda is a zero calories drink technically; you can take it while fasting. But speaking the truth behind the diet soda has no health benefits rather it can increase your sugar level, increase appetite and promote a craving for more calories. In long term, it can harm your health and can cause obesity and diabetes.

The best option is to look for alternatives like herbal tea, black coffee, green tea, or water to calm down your hunger during fasting.

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