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How To Sterilize Pacifiers For Baby In 5 Easy Steps

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Pacifier is a rubber, plastic, or silicone nipple-like product often kept on a baby’s mouth to give the feeling of feeding when it is not required. There is also an adult pacifier that is used as an anxiety control tool. Parents generally ask questions such as how to clean pacifiers? or how to clean a pacifier? and if you are boiling how long to boil pacifiers? or do you have to boil pacifiers before use? But here it is not the case here.  If you do not sterilize the pacifier properly before using it, it may affect your baby through the germs or microorganisms it carries. It requires sterilizing the pacifier before the first use. Sterilizing helps in removing microorganisms from the pacifier and protects your baby from harmful infections. In this blog, we will focus on how to sterilize pacifiers in 5 easy steps with a proper guide.

How To Sterilize Pacifiers?

The common and easiest way to sterilize a pacifier is using boiling water.

How to sterilize pacifiers? Let us see step by step process.

  1. Take clean water in a pot and heat it to a full boil until it gets bubbling.
  2. After noticing the bubbles, carefully place the pacifier in the boiling and allow it to be in the water for five minutes.
  3. Remove it before it gets overheated. Use a clean kitchen tool like a ladle or a large spoon to remove it safely from boiling water.
  4. Make sure the water drops are not there on the pacifier. Squeeze it gently flat to let the excess water out.
  5. You can place it on a clean drying rack or clean it with a towel to make it wet-free. Allow it to cool down and then give it to your baby. It may hurt your baby if it is not cooled down completely.

Sterilize and use a clean pacifier to avoid the germs attacking your kids. It is a good practice always.

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