Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

laser hair removal in pregnancy

Hairy faces and hair in the other parts like legs, and underarms may reduce the feminine look. So women may wish to remove these hairs. They are doing this in different ways and treatments. Laser hair removal is now popular among women. Can you get laser hair removal while pregnant? No is the direct answer to this question. Because there are no studies related to this stating that it is safe and advised to stay away from this procedure even if it is considered a safe procedure.

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During pregnancy, hair removal in a natural way like shaving is difficult as they are not able to bend down to their leg. One more thing we should know here is that hair growth will be more during pregnancy due to the increase in levels of hormones such as estrogen and androgen. It can also induce hair growth in places where it has not grown before. There will be sudden hair growth in body parts like the belly, face, neck, breasts, and arms.

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

Some published reviews mentioned that laser treatment has been used safely to treat other conditions in pregnant women such as kidney stones and genital warts. But there is no evidence to support the use of lasers in cosmetic procedures like hair removal.

Why should not get laser hair removal while pregnant? There is not enough research evidence on this. Why the research has not been done? By considering the health of both little ones and pregnant women’s safety and health, the researchers may not involve in the research. It may or may not affect the fetus in the womb. There is no clear evidence of the effect of laser removal.

So, it will be the advice of all doctors and dermatologists for pregnant to avoid laser procedures for hair removal.

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Possible Risks Of Getting Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

We could understand that some beam of light is going to hit the area to remove the hair. Exactly that is what will happen when you go for laser treatment to remove the hair. Laser technicians target a beam of light to the hair follicles. It can destroy or damage the hair follicles based on the beams used or accidentally. The hair won’t grow from destroyed follicles; the damaged follicles can create new hair.

Why we are talking about this here is that just a beam of light is going to target the follicles and how it can affect health and cause harm to pregnant women. That is for which we are not having an answer now. Women having a plan for pregnancy can also avoid this laser hair removal or check with their doctor before proceeding further.

For a normal person, it may take up to nine months to successfully reduce hair growth. Think about how it is possible for pregnant women and it has many risk factors to affect their health. They are;

  • Can cause skin irritation and burns
  • Possible to change the skin color and leave a dark mark
  • Blistering
  • Scarring
  • In a few cases, there is possible of excessive hair regrowth
  • Has a risk of permanent pigmentation damage to the skin
  • Pregnancy hormones disrupt the hair growth cycle

How Long Should Wait After Pregnancy To Get Laser Hair Removal?

It may be uncomfortable to have more hair for women. But during pregnancy laser hair removal may cause some health issues and more than that we should think about the baby in the womb. Due to pregnancy hormones, there may be a change in the hair growth cycle that can cause more hair to grow. After pregnancy, the hormone level return to normal, and hair fall in many places start.

It will take about three to six months to normalize hormones after the baby’s birth. Some factors can affect the effectiveness of laser removal during pregnancy.

  • During pregnancy, hyperpigmentation can make the skin color of the target places close to the color of the hair.
  • Pregnancy may affect the hair growth cycle. It can lead to having the procedure in the wrong phase.
  • Skin becomes very sensitive during pregnancy. It will not be easy to do laser hair removal on sensitive skin. It may cause burns and irritation.

Alternatives For Laser Hair Removal

For safe hair removal, you can go back to the old-school methods followed earlier. Some of the natural methods are available you can try with your partner or with the support of the other person like a dermatologist. They are shaving, waxing, threading, and tweezing.

There are also some creams and lotions available to remove the hair. But there is no proof of safety. Some reports are there to support the effects like pain in the skin. The chemicals used in creams and lotions may cause harm to the skin. It may or may not, but still, there is no evidence.


The sudden appearance of hair or unusual hair growth is normal during pregnancy.  Still, if you want to reduce or remove those hairs, it is always good to follow the safest methods like shaving, threading, plucking, or waxing. It may give a temporary solution without affecting your health.

After your delivery, you can consult your doctor and get information about when you can go for laser hair removal!

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