Can You Take Biotin While Pregnant?

Can You Take Biotin While Pregnant

What is biotin? Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or H, is a water-soluble vitamin that helps in body metabolism predominantly in the decomposes of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The word “biotin” derives from the Greek word “biotos” which means “life” or “sustenance”.Have you ever thought can you take biotin while pregnant?

Biotin helps in keeping your body organs healthy such as skin, eyes, hair, liver, nervous system, and cells. It is helpful in nail strengthening, and other untested biotin uses are in medical conditions like hepatitis, hair loss, and depression. Biotin is helpful during pregnancy to have healthy babies.

Biotin is available in different foods we intake, so biotin deficiency is a rare condition. You can take biotin through supplements also.


Causes For Biotin Deficiency

Since biotin is available in numerous regularly consumed foods, biotin deficiency is a rare condition. It can cause due to some medical condition or dietary habits. For example, smoking women can have biotin deficiency due to an increase in biotin metabolism. People with biotin deficiency can possess the symptoms like hair loss or hair thinning, skin rashes, heart problems, and high cholesterol.


Biotin Foods Source

Biotin is available in many foods you eat as you can add enough quantity to your diet. What foods are they?

They include;

1.Peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pecansNuts to increase height in children


2. Dairy productsmilk


3. Soya beans, soy nuts, and other legumesLegumes to increase height in children

4. Whole grains and cereals, whole wheat bread.

5. Fruits and vegetables: bananas, cauliflower, avocadoes, raspberries, carrots, onions, cucumbersfruit costume

It is always good to take biotin or any nutrients from natural foods. If the nutrient is unavailable or rarely available, you can go for supplements. As biotin-rich foods are numerous rare supplements are prescribed; check the brands for the best quality.


Biotin Deficiency During Pregnancy –

Can You Take Biotin While Pregnant?

According to the Institute of Medicine, daily biotin intake for pregnant women must be 30 mcg minimum. Biotin is a crucial nutrient during pregnancy. During pregnancy, their body breaks more biotin quickly. Its deficiency may cause birth defects. Pregnant women need to give importance to biotin to add to their diet as it requires iron and folic acids.

Nearly half of pregnant women face biotin deficiency in specific which commonly occurs during late pregnancy. They may have several health problems like poor nail and hair growth, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, depression, insomnia, reduced appetite, and fatigue.


Can You Take Biotin While Pregnant?

We know that biotin is the essential B vitamin that plays a vital role in metabolism, converting food into energy. They are also nutrients for maintaining a healthy body. Biotin intake through natural sources or supplements can balance the vitamin B deficiency.

It is good to take the required quantity of biotin during pregnancy. Otherwise, biotin deficiency can impact health and cause hair loss, skin rashes, and depression. Studies on animals also show that their deficiencies may cause miscarriage. So, add biotin to your diet as per the doctor’s prescription.


Why Do You Need Biotin During Pregnancy?

The Fetus requires all essential nutrients for proper growth and development. Biotin is also an important vitamin on the list for fetal development. It has been found that biotin deficiency is present during pregnancy because the body breaks more biotin during pregnancy. Biotin deficiency may cause birth defects during pregnancy so the biotin levels need to be checked, and supplements need to consume to balance it.


Biotin is an important vitamin for the growth and development of the body, primarily involved in metabolism. A biotin deficiency may increase the risk of several health conditions while considering pregnant women the biotin decomposition is faster. Therefore, biotin deficiency is possible in pregnancy, which may affect the fetus and can cause birth defects. You can take biotin either as a natural source or supplement. While taking supplements, you need to consult with a doctor and add them to your diet.

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