All About Behavior Chart For Children! (Free Printable Inside)

A behavior chart is a tool that is often used by parents and teachers to reinforce positive behavior in children. Furthermore, a behavior chart can be beneficial for young children who are still in the process of learning and following instructions.

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Typically, these charts include a visual representation of the child’s behavior and a system of rewards or consequences that is easy to understand and track. In this article, we shall discuss different charts and also provide you with some behavior chart printables. 

Behavior Chart For Kids

All you need to do is create the chart and define the positive behaviors you want to track. Next, use stickers or symbols as a positive reinforcement as an award system for completing that behavior. Basically, this chart teaches children actions and consequences.

Odd Behaviour Chart

An Odd Behavior Chart is a tool used to track and address unusual or atypical behaviors a child exhibits. Evidently, it’s helpful in dealing with kids’ behavioral challenges and observing, recording, and understanding odd behavior patterns.

Thus, odd behavior charts assist parents in effectively intervening and eliminating problematic behavior.

End Behavior Chart

To end an unwanted behaviour, all you have to do is negatively reinforce that behaviour by either withholding stickers on the chart or asking the child to not do it. Consequently, the unwanted behavior will end and the child will learn not to do it anywhere.

Behavior Chart For Classroom

physical classroom

A behavior chart for a classroom is a visual tool used by teachers and counselors to track and reinforce positive behavior among their students.

It can help promote a positive learning environment and encourage students to exhibit appropriate behaviors in a classroom setting while interacting with their peers which they don’t get to do at home.

Some Fun Chart Printables

Here are some attractive and adorable heart templates for your little one!

ABC Behaviour Chart

An ABC Chart is a tool for tracking behavior that helps identify patterns and triggers for both positive and challenging behaviors in a child. What’s more, it tracks the antecedents (A), behaviors (B), and consequences (C) of specific actions or behaviors exhibited by an individual where: 

Antecedents (A) – What happened before the behavior

Behaviors (B) – Description of the behavior exhibited

Consequences (C) – What happened after the behavior?

Bonus: Find a Free Behavior Chart Printable at the end of the post for free exclusively at Tinydale!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the question

What is a behavioral chart?
A behavior chart is a visual tracker where kids earn stickers or points for completing desired behaviors, which they then exchange for rewards. Source

What are the different types of behavior charts?

Some of the type of Behavior charts are as follows:

  • clip charts
  • behavior color charts
  • reward charts.

What is the use of behaviour chart?

A behaviour chart can be used to track your child’s responsibilities, reward them for completing chores, or reinforce a specific behavior.

What do you write in a behavior chart?

The chart itself is simply a piece of paper that has rows and columns on it. You then write down the behaviors you would like your child to engage in. For a complete guide don’t forget to click here.

What is the use of behaviour charts in schools?

The behavior chart serves as a visual representation of the behavior of students or teachers in a setting.

Why use behavior charts in the classroom?
Behavior charts give clear, simple warnings.
What are the 4 types of behaviors?
  • Optimistic
  • Pessimistic
  • Trusting
  • Envious.

What are the 4 basic behavioral types?

  • Dominance (or “D-Type”)
  • Influence (or “i-Type”)
  • Steadiness (or “S-Type”)
  • Conscientiousness (or “C-Type”)

How do you introduce a behavior chart?

  1. Clearly and positively describe the behavior you want to encourage. …
  2. Choose a chart. For a complete step to step guide please click here.

What is the reward of the behaviour chart?

Tokens, like stars on a chart or coins in a jar, are promptly awarded for good behaviour.

What does ABC chart behaviour stand for?

ABC (antecedent, behaviour, consequence)

How can I write behaviour?
Behavior is the preferred spelling in American English. Behaviour is preferred everywhere else. Source



Always remember it’s important to involve your child in the whole process and stay consistent with it.

What works for one kid might not work for another so it is necessary to pay constant attention to the behaviors and their responses. I hope this article was helpful!

Bonus: Here is the Free Behavior Chart Printable for free exclusively at Tinydale!

Behavior Chart

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