12 Sure Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer

positive signs after embryo transfer

What are the positive signs after embryo transfer that you can notice? The fresh or frozen embryo is transferred during IVF. After this procedure, you have to wait two weeks to check the positivity of embryo transfer and confirm your pregnancy. Although it is a regular procedure, thinking about your health is more concern. Your safety and protective measures that reduce the possible side effects are essential. And this is the procedure taken by women who are struggling with infertility.

However, whether it is by IVF procedure or other means, how you can identify the success of the embryo transfer? What are the positive signs that can indicate a successful embryo transfer? Let us see the details in this article in the below sections.

Fresh Vs Frozen Embryo Transfer- Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer

Fresh embryo transfer occurs in a short time. That is, the placement of fertilized egg into the uterus takes only a short time. Frozen embryo transfer can take years. Depending on the individual symptoms of embryo transfer are varied.

12 Sure Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer

  1. Bleeding or Spotting- The first symptom you can observe after embryo transfer is bleeding or spotting if the woman is pregnant. It indicates the embryo entered the uterus. Sometimes the spotting may occur due to intake of hormone medication like progesterone. It can occur during the second week.
  2. Cramping- Cramping is also a sign that indicates the success of embryo transfer. In some people, mild cramping can occur due to progesterone intake or following any pelvic procedure.
  3. Sore Breasts- Sore breasts are one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. The pain while pumping is also a positive sign of embryo transfer. Sometimes it can result from hormone medication.
  4. Tiredness- Tiredness and fatigue are common signs of pregnancy. It can start to appear from the first of the pregnancy. They feel fatigued if there is a successful embryo transfer and it is also common in other situations like fertility drug consumption. The increased progesterone levels can also cause fatigue.
  5. Nausea- Nausea also may be a sign but definitely, we cannot say embryo transfer is the only reason. If you have frequent vomiting or nausea consult a doctor.
  6. Bloating- Unusual bloating can occur after the embryo transfer success. The change in progesterone levels can also affect the digestive tract and give the feeling of bloating.
  7. Changes in discharge- Vaginal discharge is another sign of embryo transfer. Vaginal capsules or suppositories also cause vaginal discharge or burning or itching. The increase in vaginal discharge is also an early sign of pregnancy.
  8. Frequent peeing- The number of times going for peeing may increase and especially during the night. The number of times increases as there is an increase in the pregnancy hormone hCG. Make sure it is not a symptom of a urinary tract infection. You need to visit your doctor if you have symptoms like painful urination, the urgency to pee, fever, bleeding, nausea, and vomiting.
  9. Missed Period- If you missed the period, you might have a sign of pregnancy. When there is a delay in your period, you can test for pregnancy.
  10. No symptoms- No symptoms after embryo transfer, There is a possibility for successful embryo transfer without possessing any above symptoms. So these symptoms are not just signs of pregnancy, they can also occur if there is a change or intake of hormone medications.
  11. Hot flashes- Hormonal changes in the body can cause fluctuation in the body temperature. Hot flashes are possible during pregnancy.
  12. Headaches- Headaches are the possible side effects of embryo transfer. Headaches can also occur for other reasons like hormone medications, dehydration, or lack of caffeine. Take enough rest and always stay hydrated.

Free Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer Infographic

12 Sure Positive Signs After Embryo Transfer Infographic


Testing Embryo Transfer

After two weeks, you can test embryo transfer. You will get more accurate results after a missed period. Maintaining stress levels and rest is essential during this period.

The above-given list of signs may indicate the success of embryo transfer. But it is not the case always. These symptoms are possible when there is a change in progesterone level or consuming hormone medications. So these signs may or may not indicate the successful embryo transfer. Wait for 2 weeks and take a pregnancy test and confirm with that. I am sure you are part of our amazing Pregnancy Support Group.

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