Do pregnancy symptoms come and go?

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Should you worry if your pregnancy symptoms come and go? why do pregnancy symptoms come and go? Many women ask 6 weeks pregnant no symptoms should I be worried? pregnancy symptoms come and go 7 weeks, loss of pregnancy symptoms at 7 weeks no bleeding, and so on…We are here today to find out if it is normal if pregnancy symptoms come and go and what happens to the women when it happens frequently does it is a real matter of concern Let’s find out in this article…

Generally, pregnancy symptoms come and go more frequently in the first eight weeks of pregnancy. And more often pregnancy phase changes from one trimester to other even from one day to another many women can expect and observe new changes.

It has been observed that with the passage of time the pregnancy symptoms start disappearing and may reappear again in near future as pregnancy proceeds.

Top 3 Normal Changes in Pregnancy Symptoms

Understand How to Prepare For Normal Delivery in Pregnancy

Let us discuss normal changes which are common during pregnancy are:

  1. In the first trimester, many women experience nausea and even vomiting which gradually settles in the second trimester, on the other hand, many women experience morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting throughout their pregnancy which is again a normal change in pregnancy symptoms. The first trimester is the hardest of all for some women due to frequent headaches, stress due to new phases, nausea, and vomiting.
  2. The second trimester is considered the most relaxing and soothing phase of pregnancy. As most of the symptoms disappear or settle down by this time. Women get used to it and their body adapts to the changes. However for some, it is quite different during second-trimester women may experience backache( common pain during pregnancy), constipation, depression, anxiety, and gas during pregnancy. Sometimes women even develop a liking of certain food known as food craving at any time during pregnancy and even develop resistance to any particular smell and can’t smell that smell during pregnancy.
  3. Then comes the end of the pregnancy phase i.e. third trimester where you are very close to meeting your baby. In this trimester many women have oedema due to water retention or frequent retention as pressure on the uterus increases and presses the bladder.

It is common on some says all the symptoms disappeared and on the other day you can experience them all of a sudden or suppose any particular symptom come and go. If any of the above symptoms come and go and you are doing regular checkups with your gynecologist you are having a healthy pregnancy.

Top 3 Reasons, when pregnancy symptoms come and go, are of concern

post pregnancy body

  1. If all of a sudden all the symptoms of pregnancy disappear or fade away signals there is a danger sign of pregnancy.
  2. The movement of the fetus you start feeling from the fifth month and the heartbeat and the kicks you should continue feeling throughout your pregnancy once it is started.
  3. If you experience heavy bleeding accompanied by abdominal cramps can be a signal of emergency and you should head to your doctor immediately

Remember every woman is different so is her pregnancy. You cannot compare your symptoms and judge accordingly. Better to see your gynecologist for regular check-ups and doing the regular test as advised by the doctor is a peaceful movement for a happy and healthy pregnancy. The best companion to help you to have a smooth and safe pregnancy is your gynecologist. Till then Stay safe and Stay healthy!

Tips To Stay Happy During Pregnancy

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