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Extended Breastfeeding meaning is the act of breastfeeding your baby beyond a year is termed extended breastfeeding. It includes breastfeeding your toddlers in the age range of 2-4 years. Today we will dive into the details of the topic with all the insights pros and cons and much more. So, Please stay tuned!

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Benefits of extended breastfeeding

We are here to discuss the top 10 extended breastfeeding benefits:

1.  Nutrient Rich

It is nutrient-rich. It gives your toddlers the booster shot of nutrients when your toddlers breastfeed.

2.  Immunity Booster

Breastmilk is the natural immunity booster for your toddlers. They do not have to rely on any of the supplements.

3. Emotional Connection

It is one of the best sources to have a strong between the mother and the baby. And in fact, they feel emotionally connected with each other.

4.  Source of Support

It is one of the biggest senses of support for growing toddlers. They feel and can sense the support of their mother.

5.  Independent

With the help of the support and strength of their mother, they become independent day by day.

6. A source of Comfort

The little ones can feel comfortable even if they are away with their mother to some unknown place.

7.  Healthy Weight

Extended breastfeeding helps in maintaining a healthy weight without worrying and relying on any other things.

8. Fulfil Growing Needs

Breastfeeding for longer times helps in fulfilling the growing needs of the toddler and fulfilling the nutritional needs as well.

9. Lower the risks of Infections

Extended breastfeeding helps in reducing the risk of infections and makes kids stronger to fight back with the diseases.

10. A great source of Hydration

It keeps your little one hydrated and refreshed always.

Extended Breastfeeding Hormone Imbalance

Do you know Our hormones have a great impact and change frequently post-pregnancy? Plus on this, breastfeeding causes additional hormonal fluctuations and hormonal imbalance.

As post-delivery when your placenta is removed there is a decrease in your estrogen levels. As the placenta is the biggest source of maintaining estrogen levels during pregnancy. Even the phase of breastfeeding seems like menopause due to the production of the milk-producing hormone, prolactin which for time being restricts the production of estrogen.

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