10 Creative Ways To Teach ch Words (Free Lesson Plan)

ch digraph lesson plan

So, we are here back again with a bang again on our most popular section on Learn with Us at Tinydale! How to teach ch?  Guess What? We are here with a new digraph i.e. ch Words for kids and its lesson plan.

In this lesson plan, children will be able to recognize and identify /ch/ digraph and the words starting and ending with ch digraph and frame sentences as well. So, What are we waiting for? Your Friend Tinydale is here to take you on an amazing journey of learning ch words:

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1. Introducing ch words for kids

ch digraph

You can start by introducing that we are going to learn more about consonant blends today and a new grapheme. In today’s lesson, we will discuss 2 consonants i.e. c and h when come together to make a single sound known as a consonant digraph /ch/.
You can even recall the digraph we have done before to brush up:


2. ch words with pictures

In the next step. Try to bring up the picture cards with ch words. That works very well with children of small ages. Kids love visual learning. You can simply start by showing pictures to the children one by one.

And let them guess the name of the things or objects shown on the picture card. Such as you can begin with the chair picture or simply point it out to the real chair and let them guess. You can even point out it has one more digraph and let them guess.

Yes! you are correct it’s ai digraph. If they need clues you can give clues such as which we sit on it while we study and so on.


3.  ch words sound

How to teach the ch sound? Sound of ch – Here we will learn the sound of ch. Next, you can write big C on the board let them recall the sound of the letter C. Then you can proceed with the sound of the next letter h on the board. Now let them know when you blend these two letters together it gives us a brand new sound i.e. /ch/.In this way, you can start practicing ch words phonics. You can repeat this phase in different voices such as:

  • loudly
  • softly
  • quietly
  • quickly
  • slowly


4. ch Tongue Twister Game

Happy Kids

First, rules should be explained by the teacher. And then give the tongue twister to all children

“Charles and Richard

chewed cheese

and chewed chocolate”

Let the kids listen to the tongue twister clearly. Children love tongue twister and here learning happens in a fun way with the ch tongue twister game.

Let all the children get the turn one by one. The child said it correctly without stopping wins the game of Charles and Richard game.


5. Guess the Picture Game?

Asking questions

Here we are with ch games. Even you can try the simple game with support ones. Give the picture cards to each child. Let them simply guess objects that start with ch and say it aloud again and again.


6.  ch Words for Kindergarten

  • For enrichment kids, you can give a sheet of paper and let them form sentences or simply let them verbally make sentences.
  • For gifted ones, you can let them write the words starting and ending with ch.
  • For support let them say aloud the words with ch.


7. ch Words List

Let us have a look at the ch words list and say aloud and let the children repeat all over again in chorus.

ch Words List

Children love to repeat multiple times and you can even stick on the chart paper with ch words.


8. Reading a Story – the story with ch words

kids reading

Reading aloud a story with ch words is an amazing idea. You can simply read the story all over again and let them know it is around the grapheme we are learning today. I love to read Choosy Chester the Chimpanzee story with my little ones in the class. After reading you can ask them which grapheme they can listen to most often in the story. Let the children learn about the words containing ch is coming in the story. I mean the spellings beginning with ch. The spellings end with ch. And the spelling has ch somewhere in the middle.


9. 1-Minute Game


  • The lower ability has to circle the words starting with the ch digraph in one minute
  • The middle ability ones have to draw the words starting with the ch digraph in one minute
  • The higher-ability ones have to write as many names as they remember with the ch digraph.
    Children love to play games and I am sure they will thoroughly enjoy fun-based learning 1-minute games with this grapheme.

ch words that sound like k

There are some words that are exceptions to this rule and are pronounced as /k/ Such as in:

school epoch scholar
inchoate schooner chrome
chaos echo ochlocracy
chasm chronic chrysanthemum
architect schism synchronize

10.  Plenary

  • Revise the phrase /ch/ for today with the children.
  • Give the chance to children to say as many words as they remember with ch.
  • You can even practice the simple worksheets such as matching, guessing the word, and so on.
  • Let them go home and find out the object with graphene they have studied today and bring them to the class the next day!

Please feel free to share your experiences with digraph and learning. You can get more of our simple lesson plans in the learning category. Do not forget to share your stories with us on [email protected], If you would like to get featured on our platform.


Frequently Asked Questions


What word starts with ch?

chop, chopper, chauffeur, chirp, cheer, cheering, cheerleader, chimpanzee, chemistry, chilies, cheese, chase, chariot, and cheesecake are some of the ch words for kids.

What are 5 letter words with ch?

  • chawk.
  • choky.
  • choux.
  • chowk.
  • chalk.

What are 10 examples of ch?

  • Cheese
  • chop
  • cheek
  • chore
  • chin
  • chance
  • change
  • cheer
  • chocolate
  • chirp
  • chalk
  • choose
  • cheetah
  • cherry
  • channel

What is a 4 letter word ending in ch?

  • hech.
  • lych.
  • wich.
  • yech.
  • yuch.
  • bach.

What is full word of CH?

You can get the answer here.

Whats a 5 letter word that ends in CH?

  • BATCH.
  • BUNCH.
  • DITCH.
  • FINCH.
  • MERCH. Source

Is CH a letter in English?

Ch is the Digraph.

Five of the letters in the English Alphabet are vowels: A, E, I, O, U. The remaining 21 letters are consonants: B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, X, Z, and usually W and Y. Written English includes the digraphs: ch ci ck gh ng ph qu rh sc sh th ti wh wr zh. Source

What type of word is CH?

‘ch’ can be a pronoun or an abbreviation.

What are the 3 sounds of ch?

It can sound like k (as in “chasm” or “school”), like sh (as in “charade” or “brochure”), and like tch (as in “champion” and “child”). Source

What foods begin ch?


What noun ends with ch?

  • wristwatch.
  • cornstarch.
  • crosshatch.
  • deathwatch.
  • whipstitch.

Is ch in alphabet?

How do you say ch in phonics?

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