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Find Out Top 10 Ways For Parents To Deal When Your Child Is Hitting You

Top 10 Ways For Parents To Deal When Your Child Is Hitting You

As a Parent, It really doesn’t feel good when your child starts hitting you, whether in public or alone. You somewhere feel where I left a loophole in my parenting strategy to face such issues. Nothing to worry Trust on this. It is just a phase. And it is the real-time when our patience level is tested to an extent. And the magical spell is we have to remain calm and composed and continuously focus on positive parenting. These small hurdles should not let us as parents turn negative towards our children.

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Top 10 Magical Spells Can Do Wonders When Your Child Is Hitting

Listen to your child

  1. When a child is getting aggressive and showing anger, and you can sense a child can hit as it’s the time of heightened emotion. You can instantly distract their minds and let them engage in other interesting things that your child loves to do.
  2. Instantly sens the emotions of your child. Tell them, let’s have a breathing game together. We will have a breathing exercise, which we will do in a fun activity or a game. Distract them Maybe engaging them in age-appropriate household chores do a long way.
  3. Be firm and set the boundaries. As if you are rigid on the decision.Your kid’s no that hitting is not tolerated. And you will not allow them to hit anybody.
  4. Stay calm and composed with them. Let them feel your touch. Hug them tightly or maybe hold their hand when they are feeling a strong emotional breakdown.
  5. Last but not least, Talking to your child helps loads, and listening to your child always do a magical spell as we know why our child is facing this strong emotion?

6.Setting The Boundaries

Let your child always know and feel they are loved and always be, as this strategy will work a long way to solve any mystery in our parenting journey. Love has the power to solve anything in this world! Yes, we have to set the boundaries but make sure it is done with the essence of love and compassion. Else with rough and rude behavior, it will have a negative impact.

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