10 Ways To Teach Long oo Words

Let’s Learn long oo Words

A Digraph consists of two-letter that make one sound. A digraph can be a vowel digraph such as /oa/ or a consonant digraph. There are basically forty-four sounds in total. Children start learning digraphs in the early years gradually with phonics. Here In this blog, we will learn in detail about long oo words in a fun and engaging ways. So are you guys ready for the fun ride of learning? This article will discuss examples and fun activities to do with children to learn this lesson.

Let us begin with step-by-step ways to learn this digraph in detail:

1. Introduction

The teacher can start by introducing that we are going to learn about vowel blends today. In today’s lesson, we will discuss 2 vowels that come together to make a single sound known as a vowel digraph.

2. Long oo Words List

Long oo Words List

Be gentle with kids it will take time for children to be familiar with the kids. Let us first begin with the list of long oo word lists:

Mood Stoop Scoop Roof
Food Drool Spoon Bloom
Moon Broom Proof Groom
Cool Tool Goon Broom

3. Long oo Sound

Long oo words phonics- To make a phonic sound – Let the kids purse their lips again and then they have to make ‘ooo’ sound.

4. Long oo Words With Pictures

Let us have a look at long oo words with pictures:

long oo words with pictures

In this section, we will have a look at the list of long oo words with pictures. Children have fun learning with the help of long oo flashcards. You can even make DIY flashcards at home. I used handmade cards with my children to practice and spell the words correctly.

5. Long oo Words Story

Reading helps a lot in the process of introducing new digraphs and words to the kids at a tender age. Here, I used an exciting short story. We made a short and sweet story Kids enjoyed the story. With reading, they learned the newly introduced long /00/ words with full passion.

6. Real-Objects With Long oo Words


Encourage to discover new objects with the long oo words. As we introduced the words with the long oo sound in the first step. Then let kids have a chance to roam around in the classroom or in their home to find an object or a thing with the long oo word. One kid instantly took out the lunch box and showed the food. Gradually, We can show and tell more objects one by one.

7. Kinetic Sand Tracing Game

We can play a simple yet interesting game with the kids. Here as we introduced kinetic sand to the kids. They really were amazed by the flow and the consistency of this amazing sand toy. Let them get a chance to trace long oo one by one. One will trace and the other has to read aloud the word traced by the partner.

8. Long oo Words Tongue Twister Game

  • You begin explaining the rules of the game.
  • First, give the tongue twister to all children “He too, took two looks.” or “The good groom flooded the room”
  • You first let them listen to the tongue twister clearly.
  • Children love tongue twister and here learning happens automatically in a fun way.
  • Children get their turns one by one.
  • The child said it correctly and without stopping and wins the game.

9. Guess the Picture Game?

Here we are with oo games. Even you can try the simple game with your class. Give the picture cards to each kid. Let them simply guess things or picture shown in the flash card and say it aloud again and again.

10. Long oo words for first grade

  1. For enrichment kids, you can give them a sheet of paper and let them form sentences.
  2. Gifted ones, you can let them write the words starting and ending with long oo
  3. For support let them say aloud the words.

Happy Learning!

These are the top 10 exciting ways to introduce and teach long oo words with long /oo/sounds. Introduce the concept slowly with phonics. Let them practice and have fun learning using various activities discussed above. Let kids be free to select their favorite activity out of all and have fun learning. Please feel free to discuss your ideas on this lesson plan. And don’t forget to share oo sounding words with us in the comment box below. Happy Learning!!

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