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Do TUMS Help With Nausea? The Answer Is Here

do tums help with nausea

Tums is one of the popular antacid brands used to treat stomach acid. Tums can get in over the counter in either chewable or liquid form. Do TUMS help with nausea? or can tums help with nausea? You may have nausea if your stomach is upset. How TUMS does helps with nausea? Let us see here.

In general, the antacids neutralize the stomach acid by reducing or preventing the stomach acid secretion. When your stomach has excess stomach acid, you may experience symptoms such as acid reflux, continuous dry cough, trouble swallowing, heartburn, and indigestion.

What Are TUMS And How It Works?

Tums antacid – TUMS is an antacid used to treat stomach upset and associated symptoms such as heartburn, sour stomach, and indigestion. Tums ingredients – Calcium carbonate is the active ingredient in TUMS which is processed from pure limestone. What are tums for? It works to give relief from stomach upset by neutralizing the heartburn-causing acid in the esophagus and stomach. It starts to work as soon as it contacts acid and produces the result immediately.

How To Use TUMS?

What do tums do? You should take this product as directed. TUMS products are available in various forms and have different dosage strengths like 500 mg, 750 mg, and 1000 mg. You should not exceed the dosage or total daily dose, which should follow the direction on the product page. Can you take tums while pregnant? It is always advised to take the advice of medical health professional before starting any new medication. The dosage will vary for pregnant women. If your condition is getting worse, visit your doctor and get medical help right away.

Tums Side Effects

The possible side effects are as follows:

  1. ConstipationConstipation, gas, and burping
  2. Vomit and NauseaLoss of appetite, vomiting
  3. Back Pain in second trimesterUnusual weight loss, muscle pain
  4. Headache
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    Mood changes, tiredness, and headache

Do TUMS help with Nausea?

Tums for nausea – Nausea is an unpleasant symptom that can cause by several medications and health conditions such as motion sickness, food poisoning, infections, anxiety, stress, and more. Likely, if you have a stomach upset, you may have nausea with other associated symptoms such as heartburn, stomach pain, acid reflux, and indigestion.

When you are treating stomach upset with TUMS, your nausea also gets treated. But, if you have nausea with other medical conditions, you should consult your doctor and take treatment to treat that particular medical condition.

Calcium carbonate or TUMS may be allergic to some people as it contains dairy products as ingredients. It may also cause serious side effects if someone has health problems such as stomach blockage, kidney diseases, and hypercalcemia. If you are in any of these categories, it is good to consult your doctor before taking TUMS.

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