Top 10 Things Your Child Needs To Hear From You!

Have you done your homework? Why are you so fussy today? Please don’t act this way? This is not the best behavior you are showcasing. These are the common questions we as parents keep on asking and teasing our kids. But, What if I say I have come up with something different and unique? Some things which are children love to hear and will cherish whenever they will recall them.

Today we will discuss an amazing list of 10 things your child needs to hear from you. Let us get started:

1. Being Unique Is Super Awesome

You are special Things Your Child Needs To Hear

Let your kids know and always feel that being unique is super awesome. It is ok to be different. And you are respected and loved for what you are?


2. Feelings are natural-Things Your Child Needs To Hear


It is ok to feel mad. It is ok if you sometimes experience heightened emotions such as stress, anger, and anxiety.

These feelings are natural and normal. Just experience them and stay calm.


3. You Are Caring And Loving

Child love

Let them know quite often that they are loving and caring. Like for example, ‘you are very caring for your sibling’.

And you are really smart and you know how to care for your little one. Here are the Top 5 Tips For Your Child To Prepare For New Baby.


4. I Love Being Your Parent

Mother Daughter

We know and it is in our hearts and mind always that we love our kids to infinity and they are our life. And, we really feel proud to be their parents. But, It is a must to express them to our kids.

As we express kids come to know about our feelings. So, What are you waiting for? tell them we are proud of being your mom/dad.


5. You are Out Of This World!

Traveling with kids and babies

Not only say this to your child but let them believe it from inside. This you can inculcate by boosting their self-esteem. It can be boosted with the help of playdates and sports. You are unique and there is no one in this world like you.


6. Your Child Is Important-Things Your Child Needs To Hear

Talk to deal with anxiety

Everyone loves to hear and feel that they are important. Same as adults kids do have the same feelings. Let your child always know their importance.

Let them feel that they are an important part of the family. And their role and place matter.


7. Your Voice Matters!

Listen to your child

Yes! Your voice matters. You have a say and it makes a difference. Kids should know their importance first. And they should have the right in the family to have a voice of their own.

So, From the early years, they are willing to develop the habit of taking a stand. And also decide what is right and wrong for them in the future.


8.”I am Listening”-Things Your Child Needs To Hear

Feeling safe and secure

We as parents always instruct and want our children to follow what we are saying. And we always try to command which always allows them to listen and listen.

That can eventually frustrate them. Instead, we should listen to our children. We should always give our kids the opportunity to say and express their feelings.


9. Yes! You Can Do It!

Positivity to deal with anxiety

Behind a successful child, there is a parent. Be a push behind them. Always motivate your child with positive phrases and thoughts. Making the aura and environment positive makes a great impact on child behavior and growth.


10. I Love You, Baby!

I Love You Baby!

Lastly, This is no doubt the magical phrase that can do wonders with our little ones.

It works as a magical pill when nothing works. A gentle hug and I Love You when you say it with a feeling in your heart. It takes all the stress out of little ones and they love to hear.

Even this will help to fight any challenges faced in the journey of parenting.


So, This is the amazing list of the top 10 things Your Child Needs To Hear from you.

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