5 Positive Thoughts On World Mental Health Day

Mental Well-being

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, I thought of writing on this fascinating topic. I hope you will enjoy reading this. The priority in life is you and your well-being. To achieve this, you have to be self happy. Inner peace matters a lot. So, stay happy is all that I want to say. Be yourself and real. I don’t believe in fabricated life. Here, we will discuss a load of positive things on mental well being.

Mental Well-being

1. Try To Stay Happy For Mental Well-Being

Do whatever makes you happy. Your happiness matters to this world. And the people around you. It is ok to do the stuff and do the things that you like. I personally love to sleep, which makes me happy; So I do it whenever I feel like. So explore people who make you happy and try to do it. Never be judgemental as this quality of yours can create stress.

2. Explore Your Negative Emotions – World Mental Health Day

As discussed, its always ok to be happy. Simultaneously, some days are very negative. You don’t feel like doing anything. Sometimes you don’t like to talk to anybody. It is ok to take the time to maintain your mental well-being. Somethings I  life really upset you. If you think spelling it out would help, make a conversation. Work on the thing. Otherwise, it is ok to be sad if you don’t feel like discussing. Take and your time and let your emotions settle.

3. No Deadline Policy For Mental Well-Being

Sometimes in a day, you are lost. And you don’t want to do some monotonous daily chores. It is ok to take a break. And have time for yourself. You can plan a family or friends gathering if it helps your mental well being. It is ok to postpone the tasks if it can be to remain at peace. Sometimes you can extend the deadline to maintain your mental health and the surrounding environment.

4. Your Closed One’s Matters

There are days when you don’t want to stress out yourself. And, sometimes, you are stuck in the task or maybe on a decision. It is always ok to take the support of your near and dear ones. It is up to you who you are comfortable to discuss with. The bonding matter a lot in this. Thre are some people in life with whom we can discuss and say things without any formalities and look back. Always try to love these people around them. And this surrounding will help to maintain your mental health.

5. It’s Ok To Not To Be Ok – World Mental Health Day

You are not here to please others. This world is yours. Nobody can guide you on this. It is ok if sometimes you are not feeling ok. There are days when u feel gloomy. Respect your emotion, and don’t force yourself to recover soon. Let it take time. This doesn’t mean you can hurt others if you feel sad. It would be best if you simultaneously respected other’s emotional and mental well being as well.

Happy World Mental Health Day


So, this is all about World Mental Day. Love yourself. You are important and special. It is ok to discuss problems with others. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please feel to share whatever you feel like? I would love to hear in the comment box below. Ones again, Cheer to this special day!

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