10 Reasons why are hugs and kisses so powerful For Children

Why are hugs so powerful For Children

Why are hugs so powerful? What is your say on this?  I personally love a cute warm hug during the day. Similarly, every creature on Earth wants to love and literally feels at top of the world when someone expressed it in the form of hugs and kisses or a gentle tap.

It is rightly said:

“When you are hugging a child, always be the last one to let go. You never know how long they need it.” – Unknown

Similarly, Children are the ones who need it the most. A hug in a day by their parents can be found magical and turn them to be super energetic and can trigger their growth to double with a simple hug.

There are many benefits of hugging and cuddling. Here we are to know about 10 Reasons why are hugs so powerful For Children in this blog. Please stay tuned with us:


1.  A Natural Way to Have Smart Kids

Cognitive Development

Children need a lot of sensory stimulation. As they are the ones at a tender age and are still growing. Sensory stimulation in the form of a gentle hug during the day is the demand of the tiny ones.

It boosts their cognitive development and makes them, even more, smarter when they grow up.


2. Baby Brain Development – Hugs And Kisses

Boost Baby Brain Development

The hug is the super magical power that naturally helps in developing and boosts babies’ brain development by encouraging them to express and address their feelings.


3. Overall Child Development

types of play

The benefits of hugging your child are child development. Child brain development 0-6 years is a very crucial age and a majority of the child development takes during this time.

As parents, a simple hug can promote overall child development with physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.


4. How to be a healthy kid?

kids jump

Here is the answer to this very common question that comes and strikes every parent’s mind. The simple answer is the hug. Hug your child whenever you feel Like it. Hug your child whenever they feel Like it.

It is as simple as that. This will naturally keep your kids healthy and free from all illnesses.


5. Hugs And Kisses – Stressfree

Stay happy

As kids are small and unable to manage heightened emotions such as anger, stress, and anxiety. But they do have moments of stress and distress.

During this Adrenaline and Cortisol are released into their body and brain. Stress can linger in small kids as they are unable to manage it at this tender age and can reach high levels.

This impacts the little ones emotionally and physically as well. With a hug, we can calm our little ones and address their feelings.


6. Elevates Mood

Joy in International day of happiness

Why do hugs feel so good? Because it boosts your mood. When the little ones are under stress or feeling lonely.

It lowers serotonin levels in the body. A hug can serve as a natural medicine to raise serotonin levels and can boost their mood and self-esteem.


7. Boosts Immunity – Hugs And Kisses

Natural ways to boost immunity

Hugging is the natural way to boost immunity in children. When u make a habit of hugging your child daily it boosts their body resistance power to fight all types of illness and boosts their immune system.


8. Natural Pain Killers

pain reliever

When you hug your toddlers this amazing touch helps in easing pain in the little ones. When you hug it releases endorphins which help in blocking pain-related pathways. That’s why hugging is a natural painkiller with no side effects.


9. Hugs And Kisses Welcome Happiness

Stay Happy

Hugging benefits is Happiness. Happiness is directly related to Hugging. It boosts your happiness immensely. Even when you are sad or not feeling ok.

The best way to trigger and change your mind is with a gentle hug. Sometimes in a fraction of a second, children regain their smiles back with a gentle and powerful hug from their loved ones.


10. Hug and kisses makes Little Ones Mentally Strong

Stay mentally strong

When you hug your little ones less than once a day or more frequently It will have the quick benefit of making them human beings with great values and character.

As they feel safe and loved at home. And they become believers in spreading positivity when they grow.

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Now we know that Hugs are powerful. In this way, With these small gestures and changes, we can make the lives of our tiny little ones full of love and prepare them naturally for this world the best place to live.

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