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When Can Baby Go In Pool?

when can baby go in pool

Have you ever thought of swimming with an infant? Do some people even wonder do newborns can swim? Getting into a pool is a great way to escape from the hot temperature or summer heat. If the adult itself finds it hard to bear the temperature of the hot sun, how the little one can. Taking a baby to the pool is a good thought to cool them in hot weather. It is not as simple as you think to take a baby into a pool. It may raise a lot of questions like what is the best age to allow a baby into a pool. Or when can baby go in pool? Or is it is safe for the baby to get into a pool at an earlier stage?

Many new parents with months old babby frequently ask:

  • can a 3 month old go in a pool?
  • can 1 month old go in pool?
  • can a 4 month old go in a pool?

To see an answer to the above all questions we move onto the topic “when can baby go in pool”. To say technically, the day when the baby starts to take a water bath is the first day the baby gets into a pool. So, a baby has already got into a pool. To extend this context, we are going to know whether it is good to take a baby to a swimming pool.

When Can Baby Go In Pool?

The baby can take into a pool at any age. But it is good practice to go into a pool after six months. The immune system is not good enough to fight against the risk of taking bath in a pool. Several external factors can harm the baby or cause illness. Let us see, what are the factors to consider when allowing a baby into a pool?

Chemicals In Pool

The bacteria and algae in the dirty pool can cause serious illness to the swimmers. To avoid this, many chemicals are used in the pool to keep them clean and bacteria-free.

Chlorine is a commonly used chemical in the pool. It can cause bronchiolitis in infants. There is a possibility of getting asthma and respiratory problem in the later stage of childhood if you allow an infant for long hours in the pool.

You can prefer saltwater pools instead, but still, it has other risk factors to consider. Keep on watching a baby swallow. It can cause various infections if the baby swallows more. It is good to follow the safety guidelines while getting into a pool.

Water Temperature In A Pool

water temperature in pool

For babies, it is hard to regulate their body temperature as in adults.  Check the water’s temperature in the pool before letting a baby into a pool. Baby skin is more sensitive to water and heat.  The pools hotter than 37.8 degrees Celsius are not safe for children less than three years old.

It is necessary to get out of the pool if the temperature is too cold to bear. The normal temperature of the pool’s water will be between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius. Ensure the temperature is suitable for babies before getting into it.

 Cleanliness Of A Pool

clean pool

The bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms can contaminate the pool’s water.  The bacteria in the contaminated pool can cause diarrhea in an infant. The poop mixed in the pool’s water can cause eye infections, skin infections, and ear infections. It can also cause respiratory and gastrointestinal problems. Babies at an earlier age will not have a strong immune system.  Babies younger than two months are more vulnerable to the poopy pool. Even if swim diapers are worn the poopy situation is unavoidable.

Water Safety For Babies – When Can Baby Go In Pool?

Drowning is a common cause of death in the pool. There will be a high risk in allowing babies of age less than one into a pool. It requires constant supervision when babies are in the pool. Check the other safety measures like fences and locking gates on all sides of the pool.  Use floating material with necessary rescue equipment.

Ensure all safety and precautionary needs before getting into a pool. Keep on watching the baby and follow touch supervision.

Away From Direct Sunlight

It is always good to keep babies out of direct sunlight until the 6th month. Prefer to stay in the shade to limit the sun exposure. You can use umbrellas, hats, stroller canopies, and sun-protected clothing. You can also use baby sunscreen after testing for any allergies.

Top 7 Tips For Safe Swimming For Babies

  1. Don’t get into a pool during a heavy storm.
  2. Baby should not leave alone in a pool. Allowing the baby under the care of another child is not a good practice.
  3. Should not allow baby to stay in a pool for a long time. It gets further reduced to a baby younger than 12 months. 10 to 30 minutes is the best timing to follow up to 12 months baby.
  4. Ensure the presence of a high fence and child-proof gate covering all four sides of a pool.
  5. Don’t go for a pool with a broken drain cover.
  6. Use proper swim diapers to avoid the baby poopy into the water.
  7. Do clean water rinse after swimming to avoid any skin infections and irritation.


We have now reached the conclusion part to get an answer for ‘when can baby go in pool’. It is not really about age, because the baby is ready to go into a pool at any age. The fact is that swimming in a pool should not cause any infections and illnesses to the baby.

Considering these things, it is safe to take a baby to a pool after 6 months. The baby will get enough immune system and body growth to safeguard from external harmful factors.

Be prepared and have precautionary devices and follow-up before putting the baby into a pool. Above mentioned risk factors can help you to take necessary precautionary steps to prevent infections and diseases caused by them.  Follow proper guidelines and enjoy safe swimming with your little one.Do let us know any infant swimmers in our comment box below.

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