How To Prepare Your Teenagers For The First Day Of High School


The first day of high school is a massive day in every teenager’s life. Starting the high school journey with lots of excitement and having a great first day is something all the teenagers desire. Parents have a significant role in making all of it possible for their children. Preparing your child for his/ her first day is an essential and nerve-wracking task for a parent. Every teenage student feels nervous about starting high school, and a parent’s comfort makes it all easy and bearable for them!

Encourage Your Teenagers To Speak Out Their Minds

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All parents should tell their children that speaking out whatever they think and feel is the most important thing to keep in mind while starting high school. High school brings a lot of opportunities and challenges for a student, and opening up and speaking out his/ her mind is something that makes it easier to grab the opportunities and face all the challenges that come forth. I would advise letting them be free and share all the excitement and anxiety for a big day.

Normalizing Phases Of Anxiety For Your Teenagers

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As the excitement for the first day of high school increases, sometimes anxiety starts to cloud a teenager’s mind. It’s crucial for a parent to comfort the children in their phases of stress and normalize it. They’re just phases, not a permanent state! Feeling nervous and being afraid of facing high school and its challenges are expected. Children acting out of anxiety is normal. A parent has to be the guiding force when these phases start to cloud the child’s thinking. They should be the ones to bring them out of it positively and help them get over it.

Assist Them In Gathering All The Necessary Things Before Going To School

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High school is believed to be a significant transition in a child’s life. It’s the time when they stop being utterly dependent on the parents for everything. Parents should not be doing all the pre-required tasks like updating their bag-pack and gathering all the required books and checking proper uniforms and many other things, but rather they should let the children do it for themselves and assist them wherever needed. This is the first step in embracing this transition of their lives and letting them become independent.

Ask A Teenager About Their Day With Questions

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After the school day is finally over, the best thing to do is to ask your children about how their day was with open-ended questions so that you could get to know better about whatever happened at school. Instead of asking questions like ”what did you do today?”, parents should ask, ”how did you get through the day?” Or ”what activities did you engage in throughout your day?”. In this way, rather than getting short replies, the child will elaborately answer and will also feel that his school life is vital to his/ her parents too.