5 Ways To Teach Toddlers How To Use A Fork Or Spoon? 

Fork and spoon intro

Every milestone and challenge comes when growth happens. It is part of being growing up. I am sure you are part of our amazing page TINYDALE to stay tuned! So does the introduction to new things happen? Here we will have a detailed discussion on How to introduce Fork Or Spoon to toddlers? Yes you heard it right we will find out the top 5 easy ways to introduce fork to the toddlers:

Holding The Fork Or Spoon

Grip Of Fork Or Spoon

It starts when you let your toddler hold the fork or spoon in the hand. In this way gradually gripping develops. And, They tend to hold the fork or spoon confidently in their hands. Fine motor skills are developed simultaneously. And, Muscles tend to grow strong.

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Accept A Messy Thing When Introducing Fork Or Spoon

Fork Or Spoon

Yes! it is one of the common things that happen when we introduce new things to our kids. As when we introduce a fork or spoon it’s not an exception. The mess will happen anyhow. As you are letting your child learn independently. So that kids prepare themselves in near future to do on their own.No worries Mess will happen! Be gentle ! and let it happen we are always there to help our kids to overcome these minute hurdles.

Select Age-Appropriate Things When Introducing Fork Or Spoon

This is one of the important criteria like we previously discussed in Amazing List Of Age-Appropriate Household Chores For Children.

Here According to the age of the kids, we can choose the gears to help and support the introduction of a fork or spoon. Some of the amazing things which supports are:

  • A high chair
  • A bib
  • Silicone or wooden spoon
  • Plate with separate sections
  • Bowl.

Parents Are Role Models


You can always model them when you are eating. As kids learn more by seeing and observing instead of when we teach them. It is my personal experience. So always model good manner when eating like :

  • Take the amount you can finish on your plate.
  • Eat slowly.
  • How to hold a fork or spoon?
  • What is the right amount to be filled in the spoon?

Cherish The Tiny Moments!

Fork and spoon intro

Yes ! for sure it is one of the major milestones in the journey of feeding your baby to toddlers to kids. It happens stepwise. You have to stay calm and composed. And yes one day our kids will be independent and they will not need any support or assistance for feeding. We will literally embrace that moment. But for sure miss those cute moments when we feed our kids!

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