How to give yourself a fever? 25 Surprising Ways Inside!

How to give yourself a fever

How to give yourself a fever? The question may seem strange, but some people intend to do this. Their situation and family circumstances might demand them to look for this method to face their problems without letting them know about others.

When do people wish to pretend sick? Mostly, for the problems like a family issue, medical emergency of a family member, not disclosable problems like AIDS, infidelity, and other shameful family problems.

Some people pretend to be sick for genuine reasons. Others wish to give themselves a fever to bunk the situation like attending exams, presentations, meetings, and so on. Children are the major players here. Whatever the reasons, giving yourself a fever frequently may affect your health.

For a valid reason, you can give yourself a fever without causing any harmful effects. Here, we will see different ways to fake fever safely.

What Is Fever?

You can say you are in fever when your body temperature rises from its normal. So when you have a body temperature above the range between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees Celsius or 97.7 to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Former mentioned is for adults, for children, 37.5 degrees Celsius itself a feverish temperature.

So, by increasing the body temperature to above normal, you can fake a fever. Knowing the symptoms will help you to act wisely without creating doubts about your fake fever. The symptoms include sweating, headache, shivering, stomachache, loss of appetite, dry lips, diarrhea, muscle weakness, and hoarse voice.

10 Top Ways To Fake A Fever- How to give yourself a fever?

Fever causing agents

  1. Drink Hot Liquids- Drinking something hot can raise your body temperature and make you sweat. You can try hot drinks like water, coffee, tea, or soup. When you are about to check the temperature, drink hot liquids frequently to the point you put the thermometer in your mouth.
  2. Avoid Sleeping- Lack of sleep gives a dull face and also increases body temperature. To keep you awake, you can watch movies or do something to avoid sleep. You can drink coffee at regular intervals and wear warm clothes to increase the temperature.
  3. Keep Raw Onions In Your Armpits- It is the old method. Placing the onions on armpits can increase the body temperature. Take a big onion and cut it into two pieces and place them under the armpits. Leave them overnight, you can tie them with a cloth to avoid falling down. To avoid the onion smell in the morning, you can use lotion or cologne on your arms.
  4. Wear warm cloth overnight- Warm clothes can elevate the body temperature. Wearing thermal clothing overnight may be difficult, but you can fake a fever by wearing clothes.
  5. Eat Fever-Causing Foods- Certain spicy foods such as red pepper, jalapeno, and peppercorns can raise your temperature and give the feel of fever. Constantly taking these foods can induce fever.
  6. Raw Ginger Under Your Armpit- Like onions, placing the ginger under the armpit will increase the body temperature. Take a big piece of ginger and crush it thoroughly and bind it under your armpits using an arm sling or gauze bandage.
  7. Exercise to raise body temperature- Moderate exercise raises the body temperature to the level to fake a fever. If you overdo it, it can cool down your body by the sweating it causes. To create the fake symptoms, moderate exercising is enough to elevate the body heat.
  8. Take Hot Bath- You can increase the thermometer reading by immersing yourself in the hot water before taking the temperature. This is one of the easiest and most fun ways to fake a fever.
  9. Heating Pad- A hot forehead is also a sign of fever. To get a hot forehead, take a hot water bottle or heating pad and press it against your forehead for a few minutes. It is good to place a cloth between the heating pad and face to avoid burning.
  10. Jumping Jacks- Jumping jacks is an activity that you can use to fake a fever. A few quick jumping jacks can speed up a heart rate by increasing blood circulation and also results in increased body temperature. This is one of the fastest ways to fake a fever.

How to give yourself a fever? Another 10 Surprising Ways

many Fever causing agents

  1. Forceful Breath- This technique needs some practice as it requires your body and mind to do it perfectly. You need to breathe in, hold it for a few seconds and finally contract the abdominal and pelvic muscles. Your lower part of the body gets a vase shape while doing this breathing technique and is therefore called vase breathing. This technique can increase your body temperature and helps to show high temperature in the thermometer.
  2. Multiple Blankets- Use multiple blankets to cover your body during sleep. It can increase your body temperature and make you sweat. And also rub your face with a blanket to develop a fever-like feeling after you wake up.
  3. Make yourself vomit- In addition to the body temperature, vomiting can also add fuel to fake fever. Go to the bathroom and sound like vomiting and try it for the sake to make your parent convince. Know the limit to prevent you from hurting your throat.
  4. Press A Washcloth To Your Skin-Wet the washcloth in warm water, press it slightly against the face for a few minutes and then take it off. Another easy method you can try to fake a fever is to spritz your face using a spray bottle. It appears like sweat on the face. It is more than enough to fake a fever.

Ways To Fake A Thermometer Reading-

How to give yourself a fever?

  1. Run Thermometer Under Hot Water- One thing you want to do is to convince someone you must show the thermometer reading. So the best way to fake a thermometer reading is to dip the tip in warm water for about 2 to 3 minutes. And also confirm that the reading has reached over 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the simplest method to fake a fever.
  2. Shake A Mercury Thermometer- If you are using a mercury thermometer, faking a thermometer reading is very simple. Shake the mercury thermometer by holding the tip. Then, notice the reading you can see the vast increase in temperature. Be careful at the same time, don’t be vigorous, it can burst.
  3. Rub The Tip Of A Digital Thermometer- Rub the tip of the thermometer using your fingers. It can increase the reading on the thermometer. It is also one of the simplest methods to fake a thermometer reading. You can also place the tip of the thermometer against a light bulb to increase the temperature reading.

3 Ways To Fake The Symptoms

  1. Act Like You Are Tired- You should show that you are tired and feel like not able to walk a bit. And also try other tricks like partially closed eyes, sitting down with the support of a hand, and standing by bending forward.
  2. Pretend Like You Are Cold- If anyone asks say to them, you are cold. Feeling cold is a symptom of fever.
  3. Act Like You Don’t Have An Appetite- You should know that a lack of appetite is a symptom of fever. To make others believe you are sick, say to them you do not have the feeling of appetite. To support this, consume only water, tea, and coffee. Say no to favorite food and other heavy meals.


To escape from any problem or take leave to sort out any secret personal or health issues and pretending that you have a fever is one of the best ways. You can try any of the above-mentioned methods to play it safely. And if you frequently do this can become a habit and affect your personal life. Avoid such a thing; it can also affect your health if it goes wrong.

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