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Top 9 Amazing Pictures of Women as Warriors on the Occasion of Navratri

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As the Navratri is going on! We all at Tinydale Wish you Happy Navratri! Something really interesting and worth praising is going viral on social media. Uday Mohite, An illustrator and artist from Mumbai Maharashtra. We all are very well aware that ladies are Warriors for sure. He took to Instagram handle to portray Ladies image as warriors with beautiful pictures.

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As we are very well aware of the ongoing pandemic. And ladies once again came up as superheroes to overcome the ongoing pandemic. Women came as goddesses to help the community. Here we have come up with the Top 9 Amazing Pictures of Women as Warriors on the Occasion of Navratri. Let us have a look:

1. Pictures of Women as Doctors

The women showed great courage and worked day and night without any personal motive for humanity.

2.  Pictures of Women as Police Officer

We want to salute the brave ladies who matched and even crossed the levels for the security of the nation during the tough times and proved to be superheroes as Police officers.

3. Real Covid Warriors

Women came out as real warriors when they did all the cleaning and helped in maintaining the sanitization and cleaning of hospitals, roads, and the community during the tough time of covid.

4. Women Came as Food Goddess

Ladies worked day and night as farmers and became food goddesses. They showed superpowers and helped in overcoming food shortages with the help of supplying frains to the market from their farms.

5. Women Pictures as Animal Lovers

Women loved animals especially the stray ones who have no one to take care of. They provided eternal love, care, and support to innocent souls.

6. Pictures of Women as Drivers!

Women are left behind nowhere. They drove ambulances on the busy streets to make reach their patients to hospitals as soon as possible in the ongoing pandemic.

7. Pictures of Women as Soldiers

Women bravely secured our borders and show the true spirit of patriotism for our nation.Have a look at the image below:

8. Doing Last Rituals

Previously there was a myth only men can take and do the last rights of the funeral. In the ongoing pandemic, women came up as warriors and did the last rights with full dedication.

9. Pictures of Women as Warriors

Last but not least in the 9th picture, He gave a beautiful tribute to all ladies out der as warriors whether it a small or a huge contribution. Please have a look:

We really loved the way he portrayed the pictures of women in a beautiful manner . This really melts our hearts. He thanked women in a beautiful manner on the occasion of Navratri! Cheers and Hats to Uday Mohite for this amazing thing on the internet.

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